Five Features To Demand From Any Luxury Hotel

When you’re going on holiday, you expect the best. That’s even truer when you’re paying for luxury. Posh hotels can seem a little unapproachable. The staff can appear pompous. It’s difficult to complain if there’s something wrong. It shouldn’t be. With the Internet, it’s easy today to analyse your potential hotels before you book. With that in mind, here’s a checklist of what to expect – no, demand – from any high-price hotel.


Location is the key factor. That’s why it’s so often followed by two extra “Locations.” You want to be central to the action in your chosen city. There’s no point going to Paris and being thirty miles away from the Eiffel Tower. Who’d visit Berlin and stay in a hotel nowhere near the Brandenburg Gate? You wouldn’t stay in a Wolverhampton hotel that wasn’t close to the Sports World store. (OK, bad example.) Your hotel’s location should be central, and even interesting in itself. For example, the hotel at is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Imagine that!


If you’re paying for luxury, you want a luxurious room. A good hotel room can be a model for other designs elsewhere. Let’s face it – if you wanted to stay in a substandard room, you could just stay at home. (Perhaps that’s just me.) We all want something special. Check out the rooms online first. Identify what kind of style you want. Are you after minimalist chic or finery and grandeur? It shouldn’t be difficult to find something that fits you like a glove.


We’ve all been to those hotels that look like a dentist’s waiting room. One example I visited in Amsterdam resembled a morgue. That was in Amsterdam, one of the most fun cities anywhere in Europe. A hotel should be an enjoyable place to be. Look out for hotels that offer services besides just a room. They’re certain to be livelier than your average hotel. You shouldn’t aim to spend your whole holiday in the hotel. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have some fun while you’re there.

Comfort – and home comforts

We take comfort for granted. Home comforts are another thing altogether. It turns out that what most hotel guests want is WiFi. What that shows us is that hotel guests don’t want too much of an escape from modern life on their holidays. Make sure your hotel provides decent add-ons. A bed and a mini-fridge just isn’t enough anymore.


This one might be a little difficult to secure. Luxury hotels don’t just give rooms away. In the era of price comparison websites, they still shouldn’t be too expensive. See if you can get a decent discount before you book. It’s worth trying, especially if the standard price is a tad high.

Don’t let luxury hotels take your business for granted. They’re in competition for your business. Make them work hard for you. Let them spoil you! You’ll have a much more enjoyable holiday if your hotel is earning your money.

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The Things You Must Do In Order For Your Road Trip to Be a Success

When you are a planning a road trip, you might not know what you can do in order to make your road trip a success. You may feel this way more so if this is the first road trip that you are planning. Though planning a road trip is complicated it does not need to be impossible. As you read on you will learn precisely what you need to do in order to make your next road trip a success.

Have a Good Plan

When you want to go on a road trip, you need to make sure that you have a good plan in place. That means you need to be clear about the route you are going to follow and what you are going to do along the course you choose.

You will also want to figure out what you are going to do in relation to food. Depending on the vehicle you are using you may be able to make some of your own food. However, in some cases you will need to eat out. It can help, therefore, that you include this into your plan.

When you include such items into your plan, you will then be able to budget for them. That means you will then have a clear sense of what you will be able to spend on other things whilst you are on your road trip. That might include some recreational activities based on the locations you are visiting.

Vehicle Maintenance

You will also want to make sure that you have done some vehicle maintenance on the vehicle that you are going to be using. You can do this by taking your vehicle to a professional mechanic. They will be able to do the checks needed in order to make sure your vehicle is going to be road worthy. It might also be a good idea to install some other safety features on your vehicle if you get a chance.

For example, if you are driving an RV there a number of things that you can do. One of these might be to purchase and install some gas detectors. When you want to buy some gas detectors for an RV, you will need to ask your mechanic about what is best. They will know which ones are best and what you should avoid buying. When you speak to your mechanic, you will also be able to find out about some other safety features you should be installing on your RV. Knowing this information will help prevent any problems from developing whilst on your trip.

Ready to Road Trip?

A road trip can be an exciting experience that brings you huge amounts of joy. For that to be the case, however, you’ll need to make sure that you have a good plan. You will also need to ensure that your road trip vehicle is up to specification. When you have done what you need to, there is no reason as to why you can’t have the best road trip ever.



Ushuaia Beach Hotel Outdoes the Competition with Its World Class DJ Residencies

Ibiza may well be party island, but as previewed by the video, but there is one place that you should visit for the best and most exclusive DJ residencies – Ushuaia Beach Hotel.

The Best of Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel 2013 from Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel on Vimeo.

2014 will be a landmark year with not one world class superstar DJ but two having special daytime residences at the hotel, Hardwell and Armin Van Bauuren.

From the 26th of June and each Thursday throughout the summer, Armin Van Bauuren’s brings his truly unique and interactive A State Of Trance, where music industry names, VIPs and the world’s partygoers will gather in the poolside area and at the hotel’s famous open-air stage, to hear the summer’s biggest and best party anthems.
A State Of Trance is actually the name of the DJ’s radio show which has been broadcasting for the last 12 years, and is the one show that all trance fans listen to for all the classic, current and future dance hits. However, the most exciting thing about the 2014 season is that his Ushuaia residency actually doubles up as a summer version of Van Bauuren’s current A State Of Trance 650 – New Horizons World Tour and is something, as a trance fan, I am going to do my best not to miss.

In Ibiza last year at the 2013 DJ Awards, Hardwell was named as Best Electro House DJ and fans of his music and his live shows will tell you that he definitely deserves that title. For the first time ever in 2014 though, the Dutch DJ begins his first ever exclusive residency at the hotel, with the I Am Hardwell show from Tuesday 24th of June and every Tuesday after that throughout the summer. I had the pleasure of experiencing Hardwell’s amazing show during his tour and can safely say that it was one of the most visionary and spectacularly produced shows I have ever seen.

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Wi-Fi Dogs: the craziest (and cutest!) way to find Wi-Fi

How many times have you been in the midst of a village or city in a gorgeous foreign country, only to be scouring the streets like a madman looking for a free Wi-Fi connection? In our case, we can say: too many! (We have a travel blog to update after all)

No need to fret! Jose, his right hand man, Santiago and wife Rosa have started an amazing start-up that will solve our problems… at least for our trip to Latin America. (Until the start-up idea spreads globally of course).

Presenting the craziest start-up of the summer: Jose’s “Wi-Fi Dogs”!

What are Wi-Fi dogs, you ask? Simple! Dogs are used to sniff out many things, from finding scents in forests to explosives at airports. So of course, it makes perfect sense to teach them how to find the ever-evasive Wi-Fi connection!

Jose and his team are endlessly working on training these adorable pups to help us find that free Wi-Fi during our travel.

Or not.

We’re just kidding, of course!! This is all part of a hilarious summer campaign to remind us that there’s a better way to spend our holidays than searching for Wi-Fi.

The funny parodies are becoming a huge hit on Youtube, making us all laugh out loud as Jose and his dogs wreak havoc on the tourist business. We couldn’t stop laughing when we watched the intro episode.

The idea is so amusing: train dogs to sniff out Wi-Fi by teaching them to follow and smell the unplugged Wi-Fi router. Boy oh boy, do these dogs find Wi-Fi in strange places…

But why are we sharing and not showing? Take a look at the hilarious campaign video below, and enjoy your many laughs!

Check out more videos about Wi-Fi Dogs/travel!

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Explore The Paradise Ilhas’ Of South Brazil

The England football team may be leaving Brazil earlier than hoped, fans enjoying a holiday in Brazil can get over the disappointment by exploring other parts of the country. Florianopolis in the south gives you the chance to get away from the hordes of celebrating football crowds and relax on beaches to reflect what might have been.

Floripa, as the locals call it, is one of the most popular and beautiful beach destinations in South America – yet is generally only frequented by Brazilians, Argentineans in the know and the odd travelling surfer. It’s where Brazilian party seekers go to holiday so you know you are in a good spot!

The resort is split into two parts, the delightful old town of Santa Catarina on the mainland and the chic Beira-Mar Norte across the river. To get to one from the other you cross the night-spectacle of Ponte Hercilio Luz which offers an eye-catching backdrop in the night sky.

The Islands of Floripa

If you want to escape the beach crowds during the day, you have plenty of opportunities. Florianopolis has no fewer than 42 islands dotted within one mile of the coastline and there are plenty of tour operators offering boat trips for around £25 ($40) per person for the day.

We took the Scuna Aquarium from Barra da Lagoa to the Ilha do Campeche at 10am and were treated to spectacular views of the Floripa coastline. Other than a few fishing boats moored in the island’s tranquil bay, the beach is practically deserted.

Excursions through the thick green terrain of the island are on offer for £5 ($8). The island was inhabited over 5000 years ago and the archaeological sites reveal the tools the ancients crafted. If this does appeal to you, be quick to get in as the guide only takes groups of ten.

As well as being a national archaeological patrimony, Campeche Island protects endangered species and is an ecological reserve, teeming with exotic wildlife and lush vegetation.

If you want to get a close-up view of the fascinating marine life, scuba diving excursions are available, or you could explore the tropical fish that hang out by the rocks with your own snorkel equipment.

Be sure to take a high-factor sun cream, brimmed hat and a good pair of designer sunglasses because the weather is red hot and the sun reflects brightly off the clear waters.

Also look out for Quati, cute monkey-like creatures that are not afraid of humans. Although they are perfectly harmless they will raid your bags and steal you’re food! For amusements sake, it’s best to let them have a bit although it is not advisable to encourage them by coaxing them in with food.

The Floripa Ilha’s are a great way to escape the crowds and get over your World Cup woes. Whereas there will be other football tournaments and holidays to enjoy, you might not get another chance to bask in the paradise islands of Brazil.


Travel the World in Style

Traveling is a luxury that many people cannot do without. It is challenging enough trying to manage your personal and business schedule around the flight times that public flight companies offer. If you need more flexibility and freedom when you are making your travel arrangements, you need to fly on a Dubai charter jet. Here are some of the benefits you can gain from flying on a private charter.

Travel More Places

When you fly on public airlines, you are limited in the places you can go. Even though they fly to hundreds of countries, they only fly to areas where there is a demand. If you want to see the world and go somewhere that a commercial flight does not go, you would have to search for additional travel transportation, such as trains, cars, and ships, to get even remotely close to your intended destination. The use of public flights can take you longer to get to where you want to go. A Dubai jet charter is much faster and it flies to more places.

Shorter Check-In and Security Process

Many people dread having to go to the airport because of the time that it takes for them to go through security, check in, and board their flight. When you fly on a charter flight, you do not need to arrive as early to the airport. You will not have to wait in line or be around thousands of other passengers. All you have to do is verify your identity and board your flight.

Travel When You Want

You pick the date and time that you want travel and the charter company will make travel arrangements to accommodate your schedule. This gives you more flexibility so you can better manage your time and keep up with all of your obligations. Charter flights give you more freedom to live your life the way you see fit.

Get more out of the money you spend to travel and book your seat on a Dubai jet charter. Travel the world in a whole new way on a flight that provides you with the privacy and amenities you deserve.


Essential Packing Advice For Your Vacation In 2014


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Are you getting ready for your annual vacation? Many people are. We are almost at the end of spring and that beans the summer is only a heartbeat away. We have been saving hard for this trip, and many people have had to go without other things in order to fund it.

Are you a stay at home person with your vacations? Many people shiver at the thought of being locked up in a metal tube, unable to move because it is so crowded, travelling at six hundred miles an hour over a vast ocean where as recent events have shown, it is possible for an airliner to disappear. They would far rather travel less than one hundred miles to the nearest seaside with their family, and have fun there.

For those who prefer to go abroad, however, excitement awaits. Some prefer adventure holidays, and others more intellectual inspiration from the great historical wonders of the world. Luckinly, places to stay can be found and compared at and many other online agents. One thing is common to all flights abroad; luggage. There are things everyone needs to know about how to pack their bags for the trip.

Here is some advice for packing your bags if you are heading for warmer, or colder, climes.

Baggage Dimensions

Your airline will publish information about the size of the bags you can take on the plane. This will probably be included in their online booking information, so you can download it and measure your bags. There are two kinds of luggage that you take onto the plane; hand luggage and stowed luggage. Make sure that neither of these exceed the maximum permitted dimensions.

Baggage Weight

There is also a maximum weight for the baggage and exceeding it can be very expensive indeed. You are not only paying for the extra fuel needed to fly the extra weight, but you also have to pay for the extra weight of the fuel too. So don’t be surprised when you are charged a lot for every kilo over your permitted weight; it is justified.

Hand Luggage Contents

Baby milk or the dry powder to make it is permitted in your hand luggage. Medicines too are permitted. These can include pills, inhalers, insulin and syringes for injection (with a doctor’s certificate); any medicine that you need. You cannot pack razor blades, scissors; most things that can be used as a weapon. These will all need to be in your stowed luggage.

Stowed Luggage Contents

There are restrictions on what you can pack in your stowed luggage. Mobile phones, laptops, or computers of any kind are prohibited. You will need to carry those on the plane with you. The theory behind it is, if any of them are disguised bombs, the bomber will have to carry them and so lose their lives too.

If you are in any doubt at all about an item, it is best to ring your airline and get a definitive answer. Your bags will be scanned before they are loaded onto the plane, and it is very inconvenient to everyone if there is a problem. Hopefully, everything will go without a hitch, and you will arrive at your destination safely. Only then will you realised what you have forgot to pack. This is quite normal; you are not alone.



Sharing the experiences of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country of immense history, culture and incredible landmarks. It has geographical beauty and immense transportation systems including a number of tourism helicopter businesses set up to view the cities and countryside from the air.

The best places to visit in Bangladesh include the UNESCO site Sundarbans, the world’s longest uninterrupted natural sandy sea beach at Cox’s Bazar and the most relaxing way to round off a holiday being to take a boat to St. Martins Island – Bangladesh’s only coral island.

With all this amazing scenery, it is great to be able to share it with family and friends with a call rather than relying on email and social networks. However, it’s very expensive to call Bangladesh from the UK at 31.5p per minute with BT from a landline and almost always even more from a mobile. If loved ones used a company called Planet Numbers for cheaper calls to Bangladesh compared to BT they would save a massive £17.70 per hour as landline calls with Planet Numbers are only 2.5p per minute.

Planet Numbers offers a facility called an international call saver service. Using this innovative technology gives everyone the opportunity to make cheap phone calls from the UK to just about any country in the world at a greatly reduced price. It doesn’t matter whether the call is made from a landline or mobile, the costs will be minimal and the call will be as clear as if it has been made without using the call saver service.

All you need to do is dial the Planet Numbers’ Bangladesh access number before you dial your Bangladeshi number.  As an example, to call a number in Dhaka you would dial 0843 718 7777 then 00229 + 2 + the local number. When you want to end your call, simply hang up as you usually would. This is the process for calling from landlines; from a mobile it’s just the same but the access number is 0843 717 7777 and the great thing is that a call from a UK mobile is even less expensive at just 2p per minute, no matter what time the day or night.

There’s no account registration or membership fee and there’s no password or PIN number to remember. There’s nothing to set up in advance and all you’ll see different on the phone bill is the access number for Bangladesh rather than the number normally dialled.

Whilst communicating by email is great, there’s nothing like a long chat on the phone to really convey the emotion of a conversation. By using an international call saver service, everyone you know in the UK can find out about your fantastic adventures for just a few pence and with costs to call other countries around the globe just as inexpensive, you can know that you can stay in touch for very little charge wherever your travels take you.