Everything That You Need to Know About the Ski Season in Canada

Skiing is one of those fantastic activities that lots of people like to do. There is a world of ski resorts that you can enjoy. But, if you are looking for a great skiing location, that offers astounding facilities, the best place to go skiing is in Canada.

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As you can imagine, the terrain and climate in Canada make it the best skiing location worldwide. For many, they want to take in the incredible scenery as well as doing what they love. Dry ski slopes and artificial facilities are not enough for die-hard ski fans.

The length of ski season can vary. This depends on the mountain and the location. For many places, ski seasons are roughly six months in length. But of course, due to the dependence of the conditions of the mountain, some resorts can stay open for long. Canada allows people to ski for longer. This is due to the high elevation of the mountain and because of its cold climate.

According to the Alltracks Academy, the end of December is the true start of ski season in Canada. Of course, for the ultimate ski fan you venture out in November. The slopes may not be perfect for the type of skiing that you wish to undertake. However, you will have a good time.

Think about what you want to do when you are skiing in Canada. Do you already have a high level of proficiency in the sport? Do you want to become better? Or would you like to learn some new skills? Various resorts have different opportunities. You can simply ski down the mountain, or you can ensure that you are building on your existing skill set within the sport. There is a wide range of things that you can do during ski season in Canada.

One of the best things about the winter months in Canada is that the ski slopes present perfect challenges. They allow skiers of all abilities to get involved in the sport. What is more, these resorts are packed with like minded and friendly people. What better way than to spend a vacation with people who love the same sports as you.

The resorts tend to be done to a high standard. This means that you are not compromising the quality of your resort simply so that you can ski. You can still have a luxury resort, with all of the awesome facilities at your disposal. What is more, you can explore the wider environment around you on your days off. Going on a ski holiday doesn’t mean that you are stuck in the ski resort. You can explore Canada as whole and take in this magnificent country.

Ski season allows many people the opportunity to visit a country that they once would have dismissed. Ski season is the perfect time to visit Canada. Ditch the humdrum sunshine package deals and go skiing this season. You’ll get fit, see a fantastic country and learn something new in the process.

Take up skiing and have the time of your life in Canada!

5 Tips For A Holiday To Greece

5 Tips For A Holiday To GreeceGreece is an irresistible destination that appeals to everyone due to its ability to satisfy even the grumpiest of travelers. It enchants with its history, being the birthplace of civilization, its beaches are spectacular, night parties never end and its natural beauty is captivating. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy your holiday in Greece.


Greece like any part of the world is a victim of change in every season. It is blissful and relaxing in early and late season when you can expect lost of sunshine and almost empty beaches. As summer gives way to early autumn, the atmosphere is peaceful and less crowded. Spring is when Greece is at its scenic best. For lively Greece holidays with endless night parties, the months of July or August are ideal. Resorts are quieter in June and September.

The season which you choose to travel affects your holidays in many ways, for example if you travel during off seasons; you get to bag huge discounts on air fare and accommodation. If you plan an activity holiday to Greece, you had better avoid the hot summer months. Decide when to go to Greece depending on your budget and type of holiday.


Greece is a popular destination and you should expect crowds everywhere. Get passes, air tickets and train tickets early to avoid disappointments of finding that all tickets are sold out just when you arrive. This is true especially if you travel during the months of July and August. Make use of online booking especially for trains and ferries and in advance, some of the routes are sold out weeks in advance especially if there is a speed ferry available.


Greece may not be as fashion conscious as the French or the Italians, but walking in flip-flops in Athens is ridiculous. Though fashion changes with season it is advisable to dress appropriately to avoid looking like a tourist who does not blend in the crowd. Keep in mind that if you are visiting churches or monasteries, you should have shoulders and knees covered, so if you like spaghetti strap dresses, throw a sarong or T-shirt on your shoulders.


Though most Greeks can express themselves in English, learning a few phrases in Greek is advisable in order to communicate and melt the Greek reserve. It helps in getting directions, ordering meals in taverns and appreciating services.


Most of the popular touristic destinations in Greek were once off the beaten path sometime ago, so discover your very own special place and make it famous! Greece is littered with ruins, secluded coves, little uninhabited isles and quiet ancient villages that have not yet made it in the tourist literature. You might actually be surprised at your own findings; you could discover treasures in the empty islands where nobody seems to care to visit. Seek out the hidden gems before anyone else discovers them.

Ajman: The Hidden Gem of the Middle East

Ajman The Hidden Gem of the Middle EastWhen people talk about holidaying in the Middle East, it’s inevitable that names like Abu Dhabi and Dubai get mentioned. Sprawling man-made metropolises that epitomize luxury. At just 100 square miles, Ajman is the smallest of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates, but its small size gives it a unique charm that’s not always visible in its neighbours. We’ll take you through just a few things you could do in this hidden gem of the Middle East.

Walk along Incredible Natural Beache

The UAE is fast becoming known for its white sands and palm trees, and Ajman is arguably its most picturesque spot. Stretching ten miles, the Amman beach benefits from Ajman’s obscurity as its uncrowded sands make it the ideal locale for a relaxing break. Over the years, the government has recognised the potential of its natural beauty and has made considerable efforts to develop its sea-side infrastructure for tourists. Water sports like jet skiing, skurfing, and fishing are readily available and Ajman’s crystal blue waters make it perfect for snorkelling. You can even see dolphins off the coast with dolphin spotting a popular recreation amongst both the visitors and the locals.

Ride Horses through the Middle East

Equestrianism is a big part of the UAE’s culture and there’s no better way of exploring this emirate’s incredible landscape than renting a horse from the Ajman Stud. They pride themselves on the most beautiful Arabian horses and whether you’re riding through the dunes or just trotting along the beach, it’s bound to be a highlight of your trip.

Visit Its Famous Museum and Cultural Center

With evidence of settlers dating back over five thousand years ago, The National Museum of Ajam is a must visit for anyone interested in history. These priceless artefacts are housed in a former ruler’s home and later a fortress built in the late 18th century.

There is also the Al Jarah Cultural Center showcasing even more history of the region. As the UAE continues to move forward in becoming a cultural power of the 21st century, it’s this desire in preserving its past for future generations that give Ajman its unique authenticity.

The Middle East has become more affordable to visitors and travel agents like The Holiday Place are placing particular emphasis on the region. Tourist numbers more than doubled between 2000 and 2010 so the chance to experience a part of the region where its original beauty is still the main focus might not stay around for too much longer.


Hotel ibis Delhi Airport Launches ‘Pay What You Want’ Campaign

new imageHotel ibis Delhi Airport recently launched a new campaign to welcome all guests to the hotel. The promotion, ‘Pay What You Want’, is a campaign that allows customers to book a room of their choice and choose to pay any amount of their choice for their first night, exclusive of taxes. The duration of this promotional campaign lasts until September 21st 2014. If you’re planning on traveling to New Delhi, now is the best time to snag this offer!

To participate in the ‘Pay What You Want’ promotion, don’t forget to register for your chance to book any room at any price of your choice. You can either register through their Facebook page or register through email on their website. After registration, you will be notified via an email and you will be able to choose any date between September 1st to 21st and book your desired room.

Hotel ibis is one of the international economy brands of Accor, the world’s leading hotel operator, active in 92 countries with more than 3,600 hotels. ibis has more than 1,000 hotels and 124,000 rooms in 59 countries.


Exciting Things to Do in Port Douglas

Exciting Things to Do in Port DouglasIf Port Douglas in the tropical North Queensland were any more perfect, it would have been heaven! It’s just an hour’s drive from Cairns through a spectacular coastal road that is surrounded by the Coral Sea and forests. This road winds through one of the most picturesque coastlines in the world. A rental car is the best option when you are on vacations in this part of the world. You can get a rental car from the Cairns International Airport. This is the best option if you want to relax and and spend your time you own way.

Port Douglas is the only place on the earth where two World Heritage jewels exist; Cape Tribulation and the rainforests of Daintree and the Great Barrier Reef. There’s nothing more remarkable than this! We all plan for a holiday that allows us to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. In Port Douglas, you can relax in a laid back tropical oasis that offers all sophisticated worldly comforts in a small yet friendly village style atmosphere. This is the place where bathers and bare feet replace the usual business suit as you refresh, and revitalize in the aquamarine reef waters of this Coral Sea.

As everything this region has to offer is so close, you will soon discover the breathtaking northern tropics within days, but no doubt would want to stay at his place for weeks. In experiencing the pristine Daintree safaris and forest walks, snorkeling and diving the reef, and sailing through the waterways of this region you will soon relax and unwind. You’ll be amazed by the vast array of wildlife and nature and glorious simplicity of this area. The climate is alluring and seductive. The tropics are feast for the sights, senses, tastes and sounds. You will never want to leave!

You can do lot of shopping in Port Douglas as you streoll down the Marina Mirage or through central Macrossan Street retail precinct, which also hosts many local artists. Retail shopping in Port Douglas will amaze and impress you with its quality, variety and volume. You can spend hours in Port Douglas browsing or buying. Local arts and craft abound side by side with many designer labels. You’ll take a day or two to understand what Macrossan Street has to offer to you. You will be intrigued as well as entertained by the goods on display in various local markets providing a perfect chance to go back home with a souvenir purchased directly from the maker. The local markets are open for business on Sunday morning.

Exciting Things to do in Melbourne

Depending on where you’re from, you may only ever get one chance to visit Melbourne and have the time of your life. There are plenty of exciting things to do here; so you’ll no doubt be spoiled for choice! To help give you an idea of the different things you could be doing in this fabulous city, read on:


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The Escape Room

The Escape Room is a lot of fun; it’s Melbourne’s first live room escape game. It’s an interactive puzzle game created for up to 4 people. You are given 70 minutes to work out the clues and unravel the mystery of this mysterious room. You must work with your team to solve the clues – they are very inventive, so you’ll need to have your wits about you! Even more rooms like this are set to open in Melbourne soon, so complete this one first!

The Royal Botanic Gardens

If you enjoy beautiful gardens, then there’s no better place to explore than one of the best landscaped gardens in the world. It’s the best place to go for an afternoon walk or a picnic. You don’t need to worry too much about taking food though, as it’s on sale and the coffee is lovely. It’s huge; there’s a lot to see, but you can go at your own pace. It’s even a great place you can take the kids for the day.

The National Gallery of Victoria

Once you’ve been here, you’ll want to come back again and again. It’s small, but it certainly doesn’t lack charm in any way. The pieces are lovely. You can view Egyptian, Italian, and Spanish art amongst others. This is a lot of tourists favourite spot in Melbourne, so don’t miss it!

Take a Cruise

There are many opportunities to take cruises from Melbourne and the surrounding areas, where you’ll view many famous attractions in the best way possible. There’s no better photo opportunity than from the water!

Melbourne Zoo

This is possibly one of the most amazing zoos in the whole world. There are lots of different areas you can interact with the animals, and the staff are happy to answer any questions you may have. The elephants are an attraction you shouldn’t miss. Take a look at their website for any promotional offers and don’t forget to take your own packed lunch for an affordable picnic!

After Hours Shopping

There are lots of places in Melbourne open ‘after hours’. You can find food at 1am in the morning, and even some pyjamas at a 24 hour department store. There are even 24 hour flower shops if you fancy a bunch at silly o’clock in the morning!

Lightning Ridge Opal Mines

Opals are beautiful, but I bet there’s a lot you don’t know about them. This is a great attraction, and very informative. You’ll leave knowing more about opals than you thought possible!

There’s plenty more to do in this vast city, but these are some of my favourite activities. Leave a comment to let me know what you think!



Amazing Tips On Enjoying A Caribbean Escape


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A luxury vacation in the Caribbean is the ideal way to unwind in 2014. The Caribbean islands are just beautiful. If you do get a chance to visit them once in your life, then you should take the opportunity straight away. When people think about travelling the world, they often neglect the untapped paradise. The Caribbean is one of the only places in the world that has remained natural and authentic. The exotic region is full of amazing sights and activities. Visiting the region means that you will have a vacation that you will never forget. If you are planning a once in a lifetime trip to the Caribbean then, you have so many things to consider. Before you book your vacation read these amazing tips.

Water Sports And Activities

The Caribbean is home to some of the most-glorious coasts in the world. You cannot travel to this region without trying at least one water sport. Which sport you opt to try depends on your threshold for excitement. Daring people will want to try something like water skiing. This activity can be a little dangerous but will give you a huge thrill once you try it out. If you want to enjoy the Caribbean shores, but aren’t ready to try extreme sports then there are other options. Why not try paddle-boarding or sailing? These unique experiences will leave you with a lasting impression. Book your experiences in advance when you book your holiday.

Beach Bars And Culture

One of the best things about the Caribbean nightlife has to be beach bars. The region has plenty of bars that are right on the seafront. One of the most-popular bars in the region is Sunshine’s Beach Lounge on the island of Nevis. This bar offers a whole host of drinks and activities and even has the odd celebrity guest. When you visit the beach bar, in the Caribbean make sure that you try the rum punch. Tell the barman how strong you like it or you may get quite a shock. Drinks are notoriously strong in the Caribbean so make sure you ask for your punch to be on the weak side.

Choosing Accommodation

Choosing accommodation in the Caribbean can be tricky. You need to find cheap or reasonable lodgings without paying over the odds. The Caribbean is not a cheap place to stay, but you can find some great bargains by shopping around online. Make sure that you look at customer reviews on rating websites before you book your holiday. There is no point paying luxury prices and getting a discount style service.

Choosing The Best Island

There are countless islands in the Caribbean. You may find it difficult to choose just one. The most-popular tourist place would have to be the Cayman Islands. These islands are where many holiday-makers choose to go for their vacation. If you find it hard to choose an island to visit then, you might want to consider a yacht tour. Yacht charters allow you to see the many islands whilst living in luxury. Research the islands before you book your trip. It is vital that you know what each island has to offer before you begin to make plans.

Caribbean Cuisine

Whilst you are on vacation, you must try some of the delicious authentic Caribbean food. Traditional dishes include plantain, rice and beans. The cuisine in this region tends to be quite hot and spicy. If you are not used to spices then, you should ask the chef for your food to be mild. Often you can use coconut milk to calm down the heat of your food. Go to an authentic restaurant to taste the real Caribbean cuisine. Tourist-centric places will rip you off for poor quality food.

The Grand Palladium Palace Ibiza Resort & Spa: A Gem in Paradise!


If like me, you have very particular wants and needs from a holiday, you should consider Ibiza, before I did any reading up on The Palladium Palace
Ibiza Resort & Spa, I thought the things you probably do when you think of a holiday in Ibiza. That it is an island made only for parties. However, I have discovered that not all holidays on the island have to be party-centred. That is just one half of the island, and it is actually possible to have a tranquil, serene and very relaxed holiday on Ibiza.

If you chose to stay at the Grand Palladium Palace Ibiza Resort & Spa for instance, you would see the other side of Ibiza life. It is slap bang in the middle of the much loved Playa d’-en Bossa with sandy white beaches and beautifully clear blue waters surrounding it.

The resort and spa do not look out of place though, even if they are up to the same standard you’d expect from modern hotels and accommodation. The structure exterior and interior design actually complement the natural beauty of its surroundings.

I prefer hotels that have fewer rooms and more space so that it never feels cramped and that is the feeling I got when reading about the Grand Palladium Palace. There are only 411 and these are all spacious and not in the least bit stuffy or claustrophobic.

The food onsite sounds amazing and it is sounds as if it is a good idea to try the different restaurants and cuisines offered and if like me, you like to keep fit and enjoy a healthy appetite; the onsite gym and spa look great.

There are high expectations of The Grand Palladium Palace, thanks in part to its name and the Palladium Group, but it sounds as if those expectations would be met and exceeded. From what I have heard, the members of staff are the real stars of the resort and make the place well worth a visit. You are treated with great manners and not one time do they make you feel like you are putting them out when asking for something. Which is what you really want from hotel staff, isn’t it?

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