Your Guide To Buying The Ultimate Tent Stove


Tent stoves can make your camping experiences warm and memorable. Since most of our camping includes sitting around the campfire in the cold, with the help of the tent stoves you can now bring the warm comfort of the campfire up until your cold sleeping bags. Your chilly mornings outdoor will never be cosier and you can immediately make your coffee without having to go through the pangs of lighting the stove when it is moist and cold. Tent stoves can be mounted in wall tents, tiny houses, canvas tipi or even in a yurt.

There are three basic checks you can make before buying the ideal tent stove which will suit your personal needs. The first is the size of the stove, which is based on the size of your tent, second being the price which takes into consideration the materials, size and design of the stove along with any additional features if you are interested in and the third is portability i.e. how handy the stove is when it comes to assembling and dismantling.  Lightweight stoves make for easy carrying however might not be as effective or long lasting as the heavier ones. Therefore, the goal is to find a tent stove which strikes an optimum balance between it’s weight and utility. Most lightweight tents cannot withstand the heat emitted from the heavier stoves therefore, you need to ensure that you carry a wall tent to mount your tent stoves. Also, ensure that you opt for tent stoves with high quality, tight sealed stove doors which can control the quality of flame of the stove.

Tent stoves can hold heat for about seven hours approximately and keep you toasty even at temperatures below the freezing point. These tough stoves are ideal when you are driving down to your camping site or pack in on a horse. Although grilling and barbequing will be a challenge, you can seamlessly cook toasts, eggs, pancakes, fries, boil water and make hot beverages.

Remember, burning wood efficiently is an art. You will get better with every use. It’s upto you to weave the magic and let it work for you while you enjoy your weekends out in the open away from conventions. Once you procure your desired tent stove, read the guidebook closely and check up on the net to learn how to handle a tent stove. Educate yourself on the dos and don’ts. Alternately, you can spend some time in your backyard so that by the time you venture out to campaign, you have can easily work on your stove, tend to your fire and make everlasting camping memories with friends and family.

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