You Can Afford a Luxury Villa Vacation!

In the not too distant past, luxury accommodation in exotic locations was something that only the very rich could enjoy. Air travel to far-away resorts was absurdly expensive, and cruises were exclusive to the wealthy. Nowadays, we have cheap air travel and budget cruises to thank for the ability to travel to truly exotic and exciting places, and there is so much choice that the only problem may be deciding just where to go. If you want a holiday that combines sun, sea and sand plus culture, you could do no better than to try Puerto Vallarta, a very special resort in Mexico.

Located on the Bay of Banderas, a very beautiful stretch of the Pacific Coast, this amazing city has become one the very best vacation locations in Mexico, and is home to magnificent beaches and many other attractions, and with excellent accommodation options too. We recommend you have a close look at the many vacation rentals in Puerto Vallarta, as there are many excellent villas, sleeping a wide variety of numbers, in some of the most prestigious spots along the bay.

Luxury villas can be either self-catering or part-catered – the latter usually with two meals served a day – and they come with a daily housekeeping service. The main advantage is that you get absolute privacy, and the convenience of not having the restrictions of a hotel, so you can come and go as you please. It’s an excellent idea for a family holiday, or indeed a romantic break for two, and the city welcomes tourists in a friendly and open fashion. You will find your villa is within easy walking distance of the beach and the main amenities of the city, so you have that added convenience too.

Puerto Vallarta Beaches

Few places in the world have better beaches than Puerto Vallarta, and the sheer choice is amazing. There are secluded beaches that offer a private bathing experience – Playa Las Caletas, for example, is a stunning beach that was once the private hideaway of the film director John Huston, who fell in love with the place when filming, and is now a nature reserve – while others are bigger and wider expanses of soft sand beach, such as the wonderful Playa Las Animas, which – as with many other beaches – also features a series of excellent restaurants.

The beaches are often lined with palm trees, so you get the advantage of shade when things get too hot, and you can take a dip in the wonderful, warm and clear blue waters of the bay whenever you wish. In fact, the bay is perfect for snorkelling, and the amazing rock formations that rise out of the water, and any one of many reefs close to the shore, provide the ideal habitat for a wide variety of exotic and very beautiful sea creatures that are unique to the region.

You may also want to take a boat trip and enjoy some sea fishing – the local cuisine, as we shall see, is based around the stunning fish that are caught here – or in the right season you can watch whales in the bay, which is an experience that you will never forget. But, there is more to Puerto Vallarta than the beach, and the city itself has plenty to offer.

Culture of Food

You cannot visit Mexico without trying the local food – not to mention enjoying a tequila in one of the fine bars – and Puerto Vallarta has its own specialities. Check out the excellent restaurants along the Malecon, the famous boardwalk along the sea front where you can enjoy wonderful sculptures and views of the bay – or perhaps head to the charming Old Town, and don’t leave without trying the local favourite, grilled red snapper in a delicious sauce with garlic and spices. Another favourite is raw fish of several varieties, plus scallops and shrimp, served in lime juice, which is utterly delicious too.

Food and culture go hand in hand in Puerto Vallarta, so you should also try the many other local dishes that make up many a menu. If you choose a self-catering villa, you can also shop at the bustling local markets, where you will find wonderful fresh fish, fruit and vegetables that you can cook on your outdoor equipment back at the villa. You can also visit local museums and galleries, where you can learn more about the local history of the region.

If you travel beyond the city, you can find stunning waterfalls, rivers and the nearby forests, and there are many special places to visit that you will certainly enjoy. This is a slice of Mexico that is quote spectacular and tranquil at the same time, so make the most of your time here.

Choosing a Villa

You will find the greatest choice of rental accommodation in and around Puerto Vallarta, so whether you are looking for a small villa suitable for a couple or a bigger one suitable for a large family – or indeed two families – there is something for you and your available budget. You will also enjoy the finest locations in the business, with a short walk to the beach and very fine views, and the facilities will be very much to your satisfaction.

Have a closer look at the many available villas – you will see that the rental rates are very reasonable – and be sure to book a Puerto Vallarta holiday that you, your partner and your family will never forget.

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