Wi-Fi Dogs: the craziest (and cutest!) way to find Wi-Fi

How many times have you been in the midst of a village or city in a gorgeous foreign country, only to be scouring the streets like a madman looking for a free Wi-Fi connection? In our case, we can say: too many! (We have a travel blog to update after all)

No need to fret! Jose, his right hand man, Santiago and wife Rosa have started an amazing start-up that will solve our problems… at least for our trip to Latin America. (Until the start-up idea spreads globally of course).

Presenting the craziest start-up of the summer: Jose’s “Wi-Fi Dogs”!

What are Wi-Fi dogs, you ask? Simple! Dogs are used to sniff out many things, from finding scents in forests to explosives at airports. So of course, it makes perfect sense to teach them how to find the ever-evasive Wi-Fi connection!

Jose and his team are endlessly working on training these adorable pups to help us find that free Wi-Fi during our travel.

Or not.

We’re just kidding, of course!! This is all part of a hilarious summer campaign to remind us that there’s a better way to spend our holidays than searching for Wi-Fi.

The funny parodies are becoming a huge hit on Youtube, making us all laugh out loud as Jose and his dogs wreak havoc on the tourist business. We couldn’t stop laughing when we watched the intro episode.

The idea is so amusing: train dogs to sniff out Wi-Fi by teaching them to follow and smell the unplugged Wi-Fi router. Boy oh boy, do these dogs find Wi-Fi in strange places…

But why are we sharing and not showing? Take a look at the hilarious campaign video below, and enjoy your many laughs!

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