What can you expect from a Holiday Park Break?

Holiday camps were extremely popular in the ‘40s, ‘50s and ‘60s, with their reputation slowly wilting following those golden decades. It may be fair to say that their reputation has somewhat dwindled in recent years, but is this accurate of what they can offer?

Holiday camps and parks like Pontins, Butlins and Centre Parks are on the rise again, with more and more UK families ditching the airports and enjoying a stress-free ‘staycation’ with the kids closer to home. So, what is it that’s made them popular again?

Traditional with a modern twist


Many people have the impression that holiday camps are ‘stuck in the ‘50s’, but when they actually arrive at certain locations are pleasantly surprised. In fact, as well as the general sites and camps having a modern makeover, the parks now offer lots of modern forms of entertainments for their holiday makers.

For example, family holidays at Pontins promise ‘fun for the whole family’, with the traditional bingo-type games for the older generations, but an action packed itinerary for the little ones, including adventure playgrounds, sports clubs and arts and crafts.

Most great holiday camps also do themed breaks, which are perfect for groups of friends who want a holiday without the hassle but still want to experience lots of fun. These can include anything from music nights to fitness holidays and even tattoo conventions!

Has the accommodation been updated?


Definitely! Gone are the days of ‘50s decor, though fabulous it may have been. Most parks and rooms feature everything you’d want in a hotel room, including digital TVs, kitchens and WIFI. One of the best things about this accommodation too is the fact that they have a clear budgeting system in terms of the rooms so you can pick one for your family without having to worry about cost as there truly is a set-up for every bank balance.

Are these holidays still as affordable as they used to be?

UK holidays do have a lot to contend with, with things like flights abroad becoming lower and lower. However, it’s worth remembering that as soon as you’ve added baggage, insurance and transfers, they soon add up and your ‘fantastic flight deal’ isn’t as amazing as you’d first thought.

Whilst the prices of holidays abroad do change as much as the British weather, holiday camps aim to keep prices as low as possible, despite giving their facilities an update. (They are also always armed with a rainy day plan…hey, we’re British!).

If you are a family that loves the beach, or likes the idea of being able to stretch your legs and explore further, you could always opt for a holiday camp located near a beach. A day trip to Brean Leisure Beach for example is sure to make that family holiday just that bit better, and will still be more affordable than going abroad.

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