Visit Paris this Easter

If you are looking forward to getting somewhere hot and exotic for the Easter holidays, you may like travelling by plane but want to save some money.  Air travel has gotten more expensive over the last few years and that is due to the rising cost of car fuel.  However, there is one way that you can save money and still travel abroad by taking the iDBUS London to Paris.  iDBUS, for those who are unfamiliar with the name, is a company who offer comfortable and affordable bus journeys across Europe, normally starting at Victoria Station in London.

You may be wondering how you can actually save by travelling with iDBUS rather than travelling with your favourite airline or by train, if you are, please continue reading.  As well as there not being the stress associated with air travel such as manoeuvring through a busy and overcrowded airport, you could also save on money as you will not face the same extra charges and fees that you often get lumbered with on top of the price of your flights.

It is likely that you have taken trips by plane in the past that even if you find a reasonably priced ticket, there are other charges (often hidden) and fees added on top of that price.  A great example is the airlines and airports that charge customers extra if they do not check-in to their flight online before arriving at the airport.  There is no limit it seems to the things that airlines charge their passengers for.  With bus travel, such as that offered by iDBUS, though, there are no extra or hidden charges.  You simply pay the cost of your tickets and then you are free to just enjoy your journey.  In addition, free of charge the modern buses and coaches used provide Wi-Fi and electrical outlets, allowing you to take your favourite portable games consoles, tablets, laptop computers, portable DVD and Blu-ray players and mobile phones.

No Extra Luggage Costs

Another way that airlines and airports try and take as much money from their passengers as possible is through luggage charges.  If you are not completely on top of making sure that your suitcases and bags fall within regulation sizes, you could face extra charges.  In addition, due to the fear of terrorist attacks you need to ensure your toiletries are packaged in the correct way or this could add even more charges onto the price of your ticket.  It is different when you are travelling by bus though, as you do not have to worry about luggage charges – you are entitled to take one carry-on piece of luggage and one that is stored in the luggage area of the coach.

It really is as simple as turning up, getting the luggage packed onto the bus and finding your seat (which the staff member present will help you with) and then relaxing.  As you can see there are many good reasons why if you are planning a trip to Paris this Easter, you would be foolish to not consider travelling with iDBUS.

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