Venice and Lake Garda Holidays


For very good reason, Italy beckons romantics from every corner of the world. But when love is in the air, or you are looking to rekindle the flame, are you going to choose the Renaissance treasure house that is Venice or relax in the peace and tranquillity of elegant Lake Garda?

Take a look at twin-centre Venice and Lake Garda holidays, and you’ll discover that you don’t have to make that almost impossible choice – make the most of your visit to Italy by having your base first in the magical city of Venice and then retire to the serene grace and tranquillity of Lake Garda.

A twin-centre holiday really can let you enjoy the best of both worlds – in this case, two quite different environments, yet for the fare on only one direct, return flight to Italy.


Venice offers a world-renowned feast of art, housed in the many galleries along the banks of its iconic canals.

You might think that the steady stream of tourists challenges the romance of the city, but it is still easy to escape the crowds, meander through its quiet, narrow back streets and share in the more tranquil pace of life enjoyed by the people who live there.

In the words of this website for visitors to the city, Venice needs to be savoured at a slow pace, away from the milling crowds.

A gondola ride along the Venetian canals is almost a cliché, but, tried and tested as it may be, it remains one of the most enchanting ways of getting around and exploring parts of the city you might not reach on foot. Cap it off with a romantic dinner for two at one of the many fine restaurants and romance your way through the evening.

In addition to the many museums and galleries, must-see landmarks are the Ducal Palace, and St Mark’s Square and Basilica.

Venice has its distinct allure throughout the year. Winter can be notoriously chilly, but even this may be turned into its own cosy charm when enjoyed in a snug bar or café over a mug of hot chocolate.

Lake Garda

If you found Venice decidedly chilly in winter, you might be pleasantly surprised when travelling north towards the Italian Alps and Lake Garda. Even in January, it is unusual for the temperature to fall below zero, thanks to the warming effect of the large body of water. The result is a very mild, almost Mediterranean climate.

Lake Garda – or Lago Bènaco – is the largest of the Italian lakes and probably its most famous. It has attracted more than its fair share of the glitterati and continues to be a significant tourist draw.

But the sheer length of its shoreline and the diversity of the surrounding area means that peace and tranquillity are never difficult to find.

But it is not all majestic scenery, scattered with historic and cultural treasures; Lake Garda also offers the fun, thrills and spills of a wide array of water sports.

Undecided whether to make Venice or Lake Garda the base for your next Italian holiday? Make the best of both worlds by arranging a twin-centre excursion and get to know both places.

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