Top 5 places to stargaze in the world

Here is a lost of 5 of the best places to stargaze across the world.

Connemara, Ireland

This is an absolute gem of a place for people to go star watching as the skys are clear from urban light. In the village there is a lot of accommodation for stargazers as well as some nice little country pubs to visit in the evening before you stargaze.

Wiruna, New South Wales, Australia

This area holds a party each year called the south pacific star party where stargazers from the across the world come and celebrate.  If you are travelling in Australia and are into stargazing, we would definitely recommend you give this area a try.


Scotland has one of the darkest skies in Europe and you can even see the northern lights from here if the weather conditions are correct. If you head to Edinburgh you can visit the Royal Observatory which provides yours and astronomy evenings. There are many “dark sky” areas all over the country.



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