Tips Making Friends and Influencing People on a Golfing Holiday in Tuscany  

Golfing Holiday in TuscanyIt is no big secret that people prefer to do business with people that they know and understand.  One of the best places to get to know someone; perhaps a potential client, investor or partner is on a golf course.   Although no large sales or business deals are actually made on golf courses, a golf holiday could be used as a catalyst for developing and depending relationships with business contacts that could eventually lead to business transactions.  Although you may have been thinking Spain or Scotland for your golf holiday, Italy has so much to offer in the form of Castelfalfi.

If you are not used to this form of schmoozing, here are 10 tips to help you if you plan to hold your next corporate outing on a golf course

Think about Who Is Invited

It is important to keep in mind the players you are inviting on your trip and what your objectives are in doing so.  If it’s a client, the best thing you could do for them is introduce them to a prospect.

Choose the Right Setting

If you know that all the people going on your trip are competent players or if you know some of them are below par amateurs, you need to find the right golf course that can cater to both.  If you were thinking of making things interesting by hosting a tournament, you also need to keep in mind different players abilities.

Arrange Players to Meet Before You Go

It is a good idea to either introduce people in person, if possible or if not at least share each other’s LinkedIn and website details so that everyone can get acquainted with who is going on the trip and there are no surprises.  Obviously if you are going somewhere abroad, and arranging the travel, accommodation or airport pickup service you would need to give this information to all players before you leave the country.

Help Others Play the Best Round They Can

Although a golf holiday of this kind is about getting to know each other better and building bridges, whether you are a serious golfer or not there may be some in the group who are.  That is why it is essential that you adhere to standard golf etiquette, such as being quiet when someone is hitting their ball and standing to the side rather than behind them and turning your mobile phone of.  It may seem like good common sense and decency, but that is why it is worth reiterating how important it is.

Remember, if you want to get know someone better and want them to trust you with their money; ensuring that they have a good round of golf may help you reach that goal.  It certainly won’t hurt.

Bring Business Cards

As annoying as it can be sometimes if someone hands out business cards at every single social event they go to, the whole purpose of going on this golf holiday is with the underlying aim of getting business.  Make sure you keep a stack in your golf bag.  As well as telling you who they are and what they do and all other relevant contact information, you can also use other player’s business cards to make little notes on about things you discussed or something you want to talk to them about later.


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