The Ultimate Guide To London

If you are a big fan of big cities then you have probably taken the time to visit some of the best our little globe has to offer. If not, then you are missing out on the opportunity to absorb the best art, culture, history and dining in the world. You can find world class theaters and restaurants. Architectural wonders, museums and galleries document the entire human species. The cities of the world provide an insight and heritage like nowhere else.

One of the smallest but architecturally rich cities is London. The theaters in the West End are on par with New York’s Broadway, and the restaurants around the city are run by the world’s greatest chefs. Some of the most famous iconic buildings in the world are here too. Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and Wembley Stadium are known all over the globe, and all are central to this great city.

London is not the cheapest city in the world, but it is certainly one of the most accessible. With several airports to choose from, you can fly in from anywhere in the world. The train system takes you throughout mainland Britain and into Europe quickly and easily. The underground rail network or Tube offers fast links all over the capital cheaply. Alternatively, choose a bus and see all the sights above ground.


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London is well known for its great music. There are some huge arenas and stadiums to choose a big gig. Alternatively, see the world’s greatest classical stars at The Royal Albert Hall. The opera is alive and well in London, and some of the greatest cultural centers for the arts are along the South Bank, opposite the Houses of Parliament. Take a bird’s eye view of the city from The London Eye, or use an open top bus to visit both sides of the River Thames.

It is possible to walk across London in a day, although using a bicycle can be an even better way to get around. Check out routes along the river banks, or zigzag across the city to take in some of the best sights. St. Paul’s Cathedral is steeped in history and is an architectural wonder. Not far from here, you can reach The City. This is the financial hub of London and is bustling. Head west for Covent Garden, where you can find dozens of little boutique style stores, or enjoy some street performers.

In the evening, the West End offers everything you could need for a great night out. Most restaurants offer pre or post-show dinner deals. You can even book your theater tickets to include your meal and a glass of wine. From here, head on to a great pub, bar, or nightclub. At Leicester Square, you may see a celebrity or two at a big movie premiere. For something alternative, check our Soho for the weird, the wacky and the wonderful.

Lots of people still visit London because they have business or appointments there. Many use London for the Harley Street doctors and medical professionals. They are world class, providing private health care to the rest of the world from the most beautiful London townhouses in the city. London is also well known for its business centers. Docklands in the East and The Gherkin at the heart of the Financial center, are key skyscrapers that can be seen.

If you are looking to visit London to see some of the sights, the city will surely not disappoint. Some of the fun places to see include the Tower of London, which recently featured the world-famous Poppy display. Inside you can see the Crown Jewels, and speak to the Beefeater guards. Buckingham Palace is a beautiful building and is central to many parades and events. You can experience the spectacle of the Changing of the Guards, and see if you can make one of them smile.

While you are in London, you may want to check out some of the finest hotels the UK has to offer. You may be able to stay in remarkable areas like Mayfair or go shopping in Harrods. Of course, we can’t all afford the celebrity lifestyle, so maybe you are looking to find London hotel discounts instead. You could still stay in a top hotel and enjoy all that London has to offer from the very center of it all.

If you are a keen shopper then Oxford Street has it all. You can spend all day here trying on clothes to suit all budgets. Just off Oxford Street are some other little roads that offer something unique and special, so don’t be afraid to wander around this area to see what else you can buy. If you are looking for an experience, visit London’s Madame Tussauds. This great place will give you a good day out and plenty of opportunities to see all of Britain’s top celebrities, even if they are only made of wax!

Some of the most interesting places in London are only slightly off the beaten track. Camden market, just by Camden Town underground station, is open seven days a week and offers a remarkable variety of art, collectibles, fabrics and a whole lot more. Foyles bookstore is a lovely place to read, browse or enjoy a coffee. Forbidden Planet is a great store not far from the West End that offers everything you could want in the comic book or sci-fi collectibles world. The Early Music Shop is just one of the great niche music stores around the Denmark Street area, if you fancy finding unusual instruments or recordings.

Whatever you choose to do in London, you can never be bored. From glorious Royal parks and zoos, to amazing little bars and cafes, there is no shortage of places to visit. Everything is very accessible thanks to the 24 hour London Transport, and cycling has become safer and easier to do than ever before. If tunnels aren’t your thing and the weather is too harsh, try one of London’s infamous bendy buses instead. Alternatively, hail a black cab, a enjoy a door-to-door ride.

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