The Ins and Outs of Phuket Patong

The Ins and Outs of Phuket PatongPlanning your next trip to uket PatongPh? That’s great! Besides the beach, sea and sun, there are many other entertaining activities you’ll definitely want to do. Let’s start by taking a look at getting around in Patong, where to stay and some of the highlights in this article.

Getting Around

Patong itself could be entirely explored on foot. Nevertheless you’ll find plenty of taxis and motorbikes ready to help you get around. Be prepared to pay a somewhat overpriced charge for the rides due the unregulated rates. There are two types of taxis, those that are more like open trucks (songthaew-style minivans) and sedan-style air-conditioned taxis with a big sign on the roof, ‘Taxi Meter’.

The minivans have no meter so you’ll find that the rates range quite a lot. Always try to negotiate for a lower price or check if you’re comfortable to pay the fees before hopping on. Finally, for short distances, the motorbike taxis are recommended. You basically hop on behind the driver and let him know where you want to go. The rate is usually 40 Baht and doesn’t tend to exceed 100 Baht per ride depending on distance.

Where to Stay

Phuket Patong has no lack of accommodation for travelers. There are a few types of stays in the area ranging from 5-star international hotels with top-notch facilities and services such as Grand Mercure Phuket Patong to apartments and individually owned boutique hotels.

The price range of mini-size accommodation to premium stay could range from as low as $15 USD a night to $1,000 USD a night. When selecting your accommodation, first take a look at Patong’s map and identify where you’d like to be first: Patong Beach Road, Beach Road South, Rat-U-Thit Road, Nanai Road, Bangla Road, Sai Kor Road or Soi Kepsup.

Highlights besides the Beach

Rollerball Zorbing. Ever wanted to test your physic? How about rolling in a big plastic ball down a hill filled with 40 liters of water? Rollerball Zorbing is an activity for the whole family from 6 years old to 60, you’ll find this quirky and exciting ride lots of fun. Rollerball is only 2 minutes right from Patong Beach at Kalim Bay.

Omescape – The Chamber of Secret. Omescape features live escape games where participants have to find their way out in no more than an hour or so. At the moment, there are three games with different themes you could choose from as follows: the Mermaid of Songkla, the Temple of Genesha and the King Naresuan’s Tomb. Omescape is a well-known escape game provider across the world having branches in China and US as well. There are lockers, storage and bathroom facilities available for those who might need a change of clothing.

Muay Thai. Ever wanted to have a go at Thai boxing (Muay Thai)? Head over to the Maximum Fitness and Combat Center. The complete facility offers not only Muay Thai facilities and trainers but Yoga, Fitness as well as a large Sauna. The center is located just behind the Junceylon shopping center.

Danze Fantasy Theatre. The Danze Fantasy Theatre hosts some of the best international shows in Phuket such as Genesis – The Magic Spectacular with a cast of 20 international performers. For some sit-down moments and relaxing entertainment, Danze Fantasy Theatre is recommended.

As small as Patong may seem, you’ll quickly discover that it takes more than just one week to explore the entire area and to have a go at the vast option of available activities.

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