The Essential Guide To Visiting Australia

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When you decide to visit Australia, you embark on the trip of a lifetime. The country is rife with exciting things to do and see. Many people travel in Australia because the country offers a wealth of new experience. The destination is popular with backpackers and tourists alike. The country is scenic, yet dangerous. The vast landscape belies deep, dark secrets. The country is home to some of the most-dangerous animals in the world. Everything from insects to snakes are venomous in Australia. That means that you should be careful whilst visiting the country.

It is deceptive to suggest that going to Australia is a single experience. There is no way that you can travel the depths of the country in just one visit. Even if you lived there for a year, you wouldn’t see everything the country has to offer. Before you go to Australia, you should make a point of choosing your destinations. Internal travel is possible, but it is also expensive. Remember, the country is huge in comparison to most western civilizations. You can’t just jump on a coach and see the entire country. To help you choose the right destination for you, here is a mind-blowing guide to some of the best places in Australia.


Sydney is, of course, the most-popular tourist destination in Australia. If you adore culture and an urban environment, this is the city for you. Home to the Sydney Opera House, the city, is a buzzing place that any young tourist would love. It is important to choose your attractions before you visit the city itself. Shows and concerts are expensive if you don’t book them in advance. Look for some cheap deals online before you make the trip so that you can save some money.

Bondi Beach is the heart of the city. The beach is where all the tourists and travelers congregate on a daily basis. If you would like to, you can have surf lessons on the beach with trained surf-instructors. This part of Australia is what many people imagine of the entirety of the country. Beautiful beaches, city streets and tall buildings make up the landscape of this city. Make sure that you are careful when travelling in Sydney. The city has a low crime rate, but there are many pickpockets in the city. If you look like a tourist, you will become a target. Don’t carry large sums of money around with you.


Melbourne is the capital of Victoria, Australia. Whilst Sydney has its merits, Melbourne is a much nicer place to visit as a tourist. There are many great attractions within the city that will keep you entertained throughout your trip. The Royal Botanic Gardens, for example, offer a hidden paradise for people wanting to escape the city streets. People who love culture will want to visit the National Gallery of Victoria, where they can see both modern and native art. Many of the tours in the gallery are free, and so this is a cheap option if your travel money is sparse.

One of the main things that you will find when you visit Melbourne is the vibe in the city. Unlike Sydney, Melbourne has a unique, young atmosphere. The city is home to plenty of creative people, who live and work there. That means that there are always special events in the city that center on art and culture. You should look at some listings before planning your trip. Often the streets are home to festivals and markets, and so you should find out about them.


Darwin is a strange land. That’s not to say it’s not a fantastic tourist destination, but it is odd. Much of Australia has moved forward in social and cultural terms. Darwin is quite old-fashioned in many ways. The city is at the heart of the Northern Territory. That means that the city is home to both Australians and indigenous people. In the city, you can almost touch the outback and on the outskirts of town, there is long grass. When you travel to Darwin, you should prepare yourself for a culture shock. The city is a mishmash of both modern and old attractions. On one street, you will find a host of modern bars and clubs, whilst on the next you might find the fringe of an aboriginal culture.

Planning a trip out into the wild is an intense thing to do. You won’t find the same home comforts in Darwin as you will in the rest of Australia. When you’re planning a trip like this one, you should make sure that you do a lot of research before you leave. has a lot of travel guides to help you choose your destination. Remember, the cheapest destination is not always the best. Loads of people adore Darwin, but if you go, you need to prepare yourself for a completely new culture.

Kangaroo Island

Just off the south coast of Australia, Kangaroo Island is a small haven. The island is home to some of the most-exotic animals in the world. Whilst on your trip, you may want to take a short visit to this island. Whilst the area is scenic, there are few things to do on the island itself. Once you have seen the creatures and relaxed on the beach for a day or two, you will begin to get bored with the place.

The island is best for lovers and newlyweds as it offers a secluded vacation with few distractions. There are plenty of wildlife tours and wine tasting events to keep couple’s busy during the daytime. When the light fades, though, there is nothing but great food to entertain you. If you decide to visit the island, make sure you research events in the area. Throughout the year, the island is home to plenty events, such as the Art Fest in October. Going during event times will mean that there is more to do and see on the island while you are there.

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