Snowed-in during your trip? Keep Yourself Entertained with these Fun Activities!

I was travelling in the US a few years ago, enjoying the chilly winter weather when it happened: the anchorman told us all that a blizzard was on the way and it was dangerous to go out. Inevitably, I was stuck in the hotel for the next few days with little to do. Thankfully, we were warm and smug underneath the blankets and the heating, but for a tourist, being stuck in a hotel room for days at a time can be heavy on the soul. So the hubby and I set out to make our next few days enjoyable by finding activities to spend our time, instead of feeling down over the slowly passing hours.


These are some activities that can keep you entertained, just like us!

Catch up on TV & Movies

Let’s face it – if you’re avid travelers like us, you have no idea what’s been going on in the entertainment industry for the duration of your trip. We had been travelling for over 8 months and took advantage of the ample time to catch-up on new episodes of our favorite TV shows. Luckily, the hotel gave guests free access to all shows and movies, so we could watch whatever we wanted!

Play games online

My husband and I are both huge gambling fans… our stop in Vegas was over a month long because we couldn’t get enough. So we figured: why not try playing some gambling games online? It was as exhilarating as playing them live and in person! Plus, there was the added bonus of cuddling in bed while we played on our ipad. If you’re also a fan of casino games, you can easily find a list of the Top 10 Casinos Online and work through there. Find the games that call to you and bring on the adrenaline!


Organize your photo albums

Between the necessary updates and pictures for friends and family who are waiting to hear about your adventures, to even going through the pictures yourself, organizing your photo album is a great way to be productive during your travel ‘break’. The downtime gives you the chance to upload your pictures security to the cloud or your computer, publish them online, or make your Facebook albums for all to see.

Get to know the other guests

Everyone has a story to tell and when you’re all snowed in for a few days, there’s nothing quite like hearing them. I was enchanted to hear the romantic story of how a couple met, about the innovative business ventures of a Nigerian man in town for business, and I also got to play an impromptu hopscotch with a few sweet kids. When everyone is snowed in, people often go to the lobby or the restaurant/cafeteria to stretch their legs. Meeting the staff and guests is an unforgettable experience!

Play charades or Pictionary

As pre-internet kids, we used to love playing games like charades or Pictionary. This time, we grabbed the married couple we met in the lobby and asked them to join us in a game of Pictionary. It was so much fun that we actually forgot that we were all stuck inside the hotel! Plus, we built an amazing friendship… we’re still in touch today!

Being snowed-in doesn’t have to be a negative experience in your trip – it is what you make of it. Take advantage of your time to rest (we all get tired during our travels), enjoy the quality time with your friends or family, and make sure to come up with ways to spend the time positively!

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