Six Signs You’ve Survived A Trip to Maldives

For vacationers seeking a tropical island paradise, Maldives is certainly at the top of the list for hot sun, white sand, and bright blue waters. The Republic of Maldives sits in the Indian Ocean off the southwest coast of India, and is a country made of over a thousand coral islands and archipelagos. Many of the small islands house tropical resort getaways and are a popular destination for travelers looking for the island life.

Most citizens of Maldives are Sunni Muslim and therefore enforce traditional values, meaning that there are bans on alcohol, pork, and a number of other items in accordance with Muslim law. However, since such a huge portion of Maldives’ revenue is gained from tourism, most of the island resorts are not held to these laws, and indeed, most resorts operate under a rule of “anything goes”.

This may seem frightening to those who want to get away and relax, but many of the tourists that visit the Maldives are looking for the same exact thing you are and there aren’t many rudely loud parties. Relaxation should be the nickname of the Maldives.


There is only one main drawback to visiting the Maldives: You won’t want to leave! You won’t want to return to the same old hustle and bustle as the city life where you get stuck in traffic and get yelled at by your boss.

  1. You’re Not Stressed Anymore

When you booked your vacation, it was most likely because your workload was too overwhelming and you needed a break. While there are many tourists in the Maldives, there are plenty of secret and quiet places you can sit back and read a book in, taking the stress off of your shoulders. The crystal clear waters and tropical ocean breeze are calming and will allow you to meditate beautifully.

  1. You’re Not Used To Everyday Traffic Jams

The Maldives uses three modes of transportation: boat, small plane and yacht. That’s right! There is no smog from traffic jams and no one yelling at you out of their windows. This is a huge upside to visiting. Boat rides are relaxing and showcase the beautiful crystal clear waters of the area. Getting in a car from the airport on the way home can almost be traumatizing compared to your transportation during your trip.

  1. Meditation/Pranayama



The Maldives are known for their yoga, meditation and Pranayama sessions and techniques. Pranayama is a deep breathing yoga technique used to fully relax the body and rid the mind of negative thoughts. Some of the meditation venues for these classes are “open air” due to the air of the Maldives being so peaceful and beautiful. A roof is said to “shut out” nature.

  1. Other Beaches Can’t Compare

Usually, other places have crowded beaches that are just as overwhelming as your work. While the Maldives are popular, everyone who goes is looking for the same solace you are. When I visited, there weren’t many “party” beaches and it was a nice place to sit down and enjoy the area and relaxation. It was probably one of the quietest beach spots I’ve visited on vacation. That’s not a bad thing, however, all other beaches are too loud and ruined for you to even think about visiting.

On top of the beaches being some of the most beautiful and peaceful beaches in the world, they also may not be around too much longer to enjoy. Try watching the Netflix documentary, The Island President  while n Maldives (just make sure to use a VPN). It describes the possibility that global warming may take over Maldives in the next century.  It truly makes you look at the beauty of Maldives in a whole new light.

  1. Thriving Marine Ecosystems



If you took the chance to dive under the beautiful waters of the Maldives, you may have seen first-hand the thriving aquatic ecosystems. The beautiful oriental sweetlips are just one of the many alluring fish you can see enjoying marine life.  The fish co-existing with you during diving trips is surreal and humbling.

  1. You’re In Love with the Peaceful Island Life

After a week or two of perfect weather and total leisure, it’s a shock to come back to the daily grind. You’ve learned there is a world outside the existence where you are expected to be at work by eight o’clock on the dot, the weather is often terrible, and your daily commute gives you a migraine. You’re only looking forward longingly to the next time you can spend a glorious getaway living the island life.

Health and happiness are two key factors of sustaining life in the Maldives. Mental peace makes for physical peace and you’ll be able to work on all of those when visiting the Maldives. If you’ve already been to the Maldives, chances are you’re much happier than before you went and are grabbing at the chance to go back.

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