Sharing the experiences of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country of immense history, culture and incredible landmarks. It has geographical beauty and immense transportation systems including a number of tourism helicopter businesses set up to view the cities and countryside from the air.

The best places to visit in Bangladesh include the UNESCO site Sundarbans, the world’s longest uninterrupted natural sandy sea beach at Cox’s Bazar and the most relaxing way to round off a holiday being to take a boat to St. Martins Island – Bangladesh’s only coral island.

With all this amazing scenery, it is great to be able to share it with family and friends with a call rather than relying on email and social networks. However, it’s very expensive to call Bangladesh from the UK at 31.5p per minute with BT from a landline and almost always even more from a mobile. If loved ones used a company called Planet Numbers for cheaper calls to Bangladesh compared to BT they would save a massive £17.70 per hour as landline calls with Planet Numbers are only 2.5p per minute.

Planet Numbers offers a facility called an international call saver service. Using this innovative technology gives everyone the opportunity to make cheap phone calls from the UK to just about any country in the world at a greatly reduced price. It doesn’t matter whether the call is made from a landline or mobile, the costs will be minimal and the call will be as clear as if it has been made without using the call saver service.

All you need to do is dial the Planet Numbers’ Bangladesh access number before you dial your Bangladeshi number.  As an example, to call a number in Dhaka you would dial 0843 718 7777 then 00229 + 2 + the local number. When you want to end your call, simply hang up as you usually would. This is the process for calling from landlines; from a mobile it’s just the same but the access number is 0843 717 7777 and the great thing is that a call from a UK mobile is even less expensive at just 2p per minute, no matter what time the day or night.

There’s no account registration or membership fee and there’s no password or PIN number to remember. There’s nothing to set up in advance and all you’ll see different on the phone bill is the access number for Bangladesh rather than the number normally dialled.

Whilst communicating by email is great, there’s nothing like a long chat on the phone to really convey the emotion of a conversation. By using an international call saver service, everyone you know in the UK can find out about your fantastic adventures for just a few pence and with costs to call other countries around the globe just as inexpensive, you can know that you can stay in touch for very little charge wherever your travels take you.


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