Renting a Boat in 2015

Do you live to work or work to live? Although most of us strive to enjoy our lives on a daily basis, looking forward to some time off work can be inevitable. And when vacation time rolls around it is important to really make the most of it.

If you are already an experienced sailor you may not be able to think of anything better than getting out on the water, but many travelers are not yet familiar with the concept. If you are part of the latter group, why not make 2015 the year you rent a boat for your holiday?

For those who may be wondering how to go about it, here is a great run-down from There are a number of ways to go about it, ranging from fully crewed to an all-out bareboat charter.


Sit Back and Relax

Assuming you aren’t exactly ready to captain your own ship, the first and perhaps most luxurious option is a crewed yacht charter. They may seem reserved for the rich and famous, but if you go with a group a crewed yacht charter can actually be affordable.

The benefits of a crewed charter are that the sailing is taken care of. You are catered to by a full crew, serving you meals, beverages and snacks. Aside from your flights to the destination and tipping at the end, it is essentially an all-inclusive vacation.

Book a Cabin

Stateroom or cabin charters allow you to reserve a berth aboard a larger boat. The boat has a set itinerary, includes meals and beverages and of course the crew manages the sailing of the boat.

You can spend as much or as little time with the other passengers as you like, although the sharing of meals does lend itself more to a social experience. In the Mediterranean stateroom charters are often gulet charters – a very fun getaway if you are so inclined!

Powerboat Charter

If you like the idea of renting your own boat but you don’t know how to sail, you may have the option of renting a powerboat. These are much like a houseboat, requiring attention to navigation but no knowledge of sails, winds, etc. Powerboats can also be rented with a crew.


Flotilla Charter

Let’s say you are able to sail a boat but you would feel more comfortable some assistance along the way. Or, you may be a fine sailor but enjoy the camaraderie of sailing in a flotilla. A flotilla charter is a nice way to go with a group. You can sail alongside everyone else or set off early or late- normally you have a set itinerary but do not have to all go at the same time.

There can also be some fun group dinners and beach days with a flotilla- it is really what you make of it.

Bareboat Charter

Reserved for sailors with provable experience and confidence, a bareboat charter is the epitome of renting a boat. You get just that- a sailboat for a set number of days. You provide the crew and provisions along the way.

If you do not know how to sail you can still join in a bareboat charter if you happen to have a sailing friend who needs a crew member. There are also websites where you can sign up for a charter with a group.

We hope this information is useful for anyone looking to rent a boat in 2015- there truly is an option for everyone! To learn more, visit

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