Feeling Stressed Over an Upcoming Move? Hiring a Moving Company Might Be the Answer


People relocate for several reasons such as a new job, to a bigger house, to be closer to family etc. Although the reasons vary for each person, there is likely one commonality. That is the stress of being faced with such a time consuming, daunting task. Finding the time to prepare can be a hassle when you are trying to juggle it around your daily work, school, home, or family responsibilities.

Moving companies offer many benefits that you may be unaware of. Before you invest your time and money into preparing for relocation, consider the following benefits. Professional movers may be just what you need during this stressful time.

Expert Services

Movers have the experience and skills to quickly facilitate the moving process. For example, you have a large deep freezer stored in your basement that needs to be carried upstairs. Then, upon arriving to your new home, the freezer has to be carefully maneuvered through narrow hallways for storage. This task alone would require additional help from friends or family members, and would likely take a great deal of time to complete.

Moving companies employ trained professionals who understand the difficulties of moving such as moving large, heavy items in and out of a home, the need for fragile items to be securely wrapped and the strategies necessary to navigate through difficult hallways and doorways.

Ensure Safety

Moving companies possess the proper equipment to safely move even the largest of your items while keeping them intact. However, ensuring safety goes beyond your household items. Movers are properly trained in the lifting and transfer of your items, which means you won’t be put at risk for strained or pulled muscles. Also, keep in mind that even the most experienced movers have unexpected events occur. Should the integrity of your items be compromised in any manner, moving companies have the appropriate insurance to remedy any losses.

Peace of Mind

Without the assistance of a professional movers it is easy to become overwhelmed, even when planning the move. You have to allot time and money to properly package materials, possibly rent a truck and supply the gas, as well as planning child and/or pet care. Hiring movers to assist you with these tasks can spare your anxiety and put your mind at ease.

The cost of self-preparation for an upcoming move was previously mentioned, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you will incur costs when hiring professional movers. However, many customers have stated that when they calculated their potential losses of moving themselves, the losses were greater than the cost of hiring professional movers. So, in the long run it was more beneficial to utilize a moving company. Also, before hiring movers it is best practice to verify the company has a positive reputation by checking references and reviewing customer testimonials on their website.

Unusual Places You Should Visit

Going out of your comfort zone is an amazing experience, especially when you are travelling. Most people like to do the same old thing when it comes to holidays and vacations, but now is the time to experience a different way of life. Life is too short not to travel the world and try to visit as many countries as possible. Leave your pessimism at the door and follow our lead as we guide you through the weird and wonderful. Here are several places to visit that you normally wouldn’t consider.

  1.    Iceland

The weather at this time of the year is not very accommodating, which puts people off an Iceland trip. Plus, Iceland doesn’t have the glitz and the glamor that other countries seemingly have in abundance. However, dig a little deeper and you will find a completely different world. First of all, the weather is not as bad as you might imagine, and it also makes the trip more authentic. Secondly, the natural views are almost unparalleled and unlike anywhere else on the planet. And, thirdly, there are spectacular phenomena that occur, such as The Northern Lights. To be honest, The Northern Lights are worth going for alone.

  1.    Nigeria

Talk about the other end of the spectrum! Nigeria couldn’t be more different to Iceland. In fact, it couldn’t be more different to a lot of places, but that is what makes Nigeria so special. The good people at Buzz Nigeria believe that Nigeria is the greatest country on the planet, and that is not easy to dispute. Okay, they may be biased, but they have a point. The culture is amazing as song and dance buzzes through the streets, and the people are among the friendliest you will ever meet. To cap it all off, the wildlife, like everywhere in Africa, is exotic and wide-ranging.

  1.    Andorra

Andorra is a tiny country in Europe that is not very well-known. And, why would it be well-known? Europe is full of spectacular countries from Great Britain to Spain, Italy and France. Well, the truth is that Andorra has a trick up its sleeve that levels the playing field. Andorra is one of the best skiing destinations in the world. Located near the border of France and Spain, Andorra is a principality that makes the most of the Pyrenees Mountains by encouraging skiing trips throughout autumn and winter. If skiing isn’t your thing, Andorra is ridiculously cheap as it is a tax haven. That got your attention!


image file

  1.    Peru

Again, Peru is another country that is dwarfed by its noisy neighbors Brazil and Argentina. And again, Peru is well worth a visit because of the Andes. The Andes is a mountain range that runs throughout South America, and tucked away in the Peruvian Andes is Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu is a citadel that was built in the 15th century, and it is also one of the wonders of the world. A couple of days trek that it takes to climb to the summit are well worth it to see a spectacular, and unrivalled, attraction.

Travelling off the beaten track is an amazing experience and one that you should try and experience more often.


Qutub Minar

Qutub Minar 1

With 16.3 million residents, the crowded city of Delhi is full of things to see and do. However, even with so much to choose from, one of the most impressive structures is Qutub Minar.
Qutub Minar is an ancient monument, situated in the Mehrauli district of Delhi. Stretching more than 73 metres high, this magnificent structure is easy to spot and a pleasure to experience.

A Historical Attraction

Although Delhi is a very modern city, Qutub Minar dates back to 1199. At this time, the structure was designed and built under the leadership of the ancient Delhi Sultanate. More of the structure was commissioned in 1220 when three additional levels were added to bring it to its current height.
Over the centuries, Qutub Minar has sustained damage through various natural disasters. In the 1300s, the top of the minar was struck by lightning, and an earthquake in the early 1500s inflicted more damage. Massive renovations had to be completed again in the 1800s after another earthquake rattled the structure. Although the basic design of the minar has stayed the same over the centuries, each successive restoration has added its own flair to this modern attraction.

Qutub Minar 2

Religious Significance

Minars, also known as minarets, serve as symbols in the Muslim community. Minarets are often added to mosques to provide a point of reference. This way, no matter where you are in the city, it is easy to know which direction to turn during the traditional call to prayer in Muslim cultures. This call to prayer occurs five times a day, which is why it is important to have a high point that can be seen from anywhere in the city.
Most of the time, minars are the most notable exterior features of any mosque. The styles vary significantly, but many feature spires and other embellishments. Even with so many minars throughout the world, Qutub Minar is the tallest brick minar still standing.

Remarkable Construction

The height of Qutub Minar is the first thing you will notice. The base of the structure was made from red sandstone. Subsequent additions and renovations added distinctive marble finishes. The structure features shafts shaped like cylinders, which surround the structure and become narrow toward the top. There are various balconies on the way up, providing open air points of access. In total, there are 379 steps to get to the top of Qutub Minar. Other adornments give the minar added architectural interest. The sandstone is intricately carved, featuring verses from the Muslim holy book.

A Tourism Experience

Qutub Minar is close to other historical attractions in Delhi. While visiting Qutub Minar, you may also want to visit the Iron Pillar of Delhi and the Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque. During your stay, it is easy to navigate through the rest of Delhi and there are many choices for hotels near Delhi airport. You can pick and choose from various 5-star hotels in Delhi, like the stylish Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi, to make your visit to Qutub Minar one to remember.
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Your Guide To Buying The Ultimate Tent Stove


Tent stoves can make your camping experiences warm and memorable. Since most of our camping includes sitting around the campfire in the cold, with the help of the tent stoves you can now bring the warm comfort of the campfire up until your cold sleeping bags. Your chilly mornings outdoor will never be cosier and you can immediately make your coffee without having to go through the pangs of lighting the stove when it is moist and cold. Tent stoves can be mounted in wall tents, tiny houses, canvas tipi or even in a yurt.

There are three basic checks you can make before buying the ideal tent stove which will suit your personal needs. The first is the size of the stove, which is based on the size of your tent, second being the price which takes into consideration the materials, size and design of the stove along with any additional features if you are interested in and the third is portability i.e. how handy the stove is when it comes to assembling and dismantling.  Lightweight stoves make for easy carrying however might not be as effective or long lasting as the heavier ones. Therefore, the goal is to find a tent stove which strikes an optimum balance between it’s weight and utility. Most lightweight tents cannot withstand the heat emitted from the heavier stoves therefore, you need to ensure that you carry a wall tent to mount your tent stoves. Also, ensure that you opt for tent stoves with high quality, tight sealed stove doors which can control the quality of flame of the stove.

Tent stoves can hold heat for about seven hours approximately and keep you toasty even at temperatures below the freezing point. These tough stoves are ideal when you are driving down to your camping site or pack in on a horse. Although grilling and barbequing will be a challenge, you can seamlessly cook toasts, eggs, pancakes, fries, boil water and make hot beverages.

Remember, burning wood efficiently is an art. You will get better with every use. It’s upto you to weave the magic and let it work for you while you enjoy your weekends out in the open away from conventions. Once you procure your desired tent stove, read the guidebook closely and check up on the net to learn how to handle a tent stove. Educate yourself on the dos and don’ts. Alternately, you can spend some time in your backyard so that by the time you venture out to campaign, you have can easily work on your stove, tend to your fire and make everlasting camping memories with friends and family.

3 Important Ways Yoga Holidays Can Impact Your Life Positively


Digital detox holidays are very popular nowadays and can have a very positively impact on your life.  As well as giving you a break from the stresses of your busy life and the chance to practice yoga more intensively than you can back home, there are also many other ways it can be a good thing in your life.  We have gathered together the three ways that it can impact your life that  we consider to be the most important.

Transformation Will Happen Quicker

If you practise yoga regularly already and feel the benefits, attending a yoga holiday can still help improve your ability and achievements.  It is likely that you are only able to devote a small amount of time a week to yoga which obviously means you only see a small level of transformation and it will take longer.  On a yoga holiday however, as that is the main focus of the retreat, you will see improvements and feel yourself transform in a very short period of time.

Deeper Relaxation And Rejuvenation

Obviously one of the main reasons why anyone would go on a yoga holiday is to experience relaxation and rejuvenation.  You can experience full-on escapism from all the responsibilities and stresses that wear you out and are surrounded by an environment that is both safe and nurturing.  When you are not conversing with your fellow yoga holidaymakers and practising yoga there are many chances to sit and contemplate your life and meditate on a deeper level.

Will Learn Methods For Breaking Old And Long-standing Habits

While you are on a yoga holiday you are removed from your everyday life and with the added bonus of participating in a digital detox, you will begin to build up healthier habits while breaking older ones.  The interesting thing is that as you devote more time to positive,up-building habits including everything from what you eat to what you say when you talk to yourself; you will realise it is a lot easier than you thought to avoid those bad habits.

As we are sure you can see, there are many ways yoga holidays and digital detoxes can impact on your life.  This list, it should be noted,is not exhaustive though and along with the above there are many other things you will learn about while you are there.  For instance, as you spend your time in a small group with other attendees, you will be able to make friends with people who share the same thoughts and feelings as you.  After all, most of you will be there for very similar reasons.

As well as bad habits related to food, drink and the technology that often rules our life; you will also have the chance to work mental and emotional problems.  After all, you can only really start to heal these kinds of problems when you feel relaxed, focused and strong enough to do it.  Often, the friends you make in this environment are the kind that you will want to keep in your life forever.

Neil Emilfarb’s Resort in Balkan Peninsula


Discovering new places is a lifelong and never-ending dream of every travel enthusiast. Every single one of us loves hearing stories about distant, secluded places and interesting cultures that simply don’t get as much as exposure as some of the well-known tourist hubs.

If you love exploring new locations – you are in for a treat! As of recently, a complex called The Dukley Gardens  opened its doors this summer for yachting enthusiasts, international travelers, and tourists from all around the world. Located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, in a small country called Montenegro, in the Old Town of Budva, you will find a marvelous resort, a wonderful gift for all nature lovers and globetrotters from Mr. Neil Emilfarb.

Mr. Neil Emilfarb recognized the potential of this moderately popular but secluded enough resort that is still unknown to the general public, and invested in its marina, residential complex, beach lounge and a restaurant. Starting from next year, there will also be a hotel since the numbers of interested people are continuously rising. So let’s take a look where this beautiful place is, and what wonders can you find there waiting for you.

The town Budva itself is a metropolis of the Montenegrin tourism. There are seventeen sandy and rocky beaches in Budva, but there is also a private beach in the residential area especially for the occupants of the complex. This is truly a place of peace where you can sort out your internal balance and enjoy the vast and blue, crystal clear Adriatic sea.

This entire country is on the coast of the sunny Mediterranean, at the very center of Europe, and from this place you can get to the great cities of the European continent in three hours or so. Visit Paris, Rome, and Athens in the morning, and return in time for supper on the very same day. Put your mind at rest and enjoy the natural wonders, salty waters and relax completely.

The deluxe complex comes with different around the clock services available. Concierge will tend your every need, kindergartens will welcome your kids, and this is even a pet friendly complex, so there is no need to leave your faithful little companions at home. Unless if you’re already home, enjoying with your home family in your comfy and luxurious lifestyle.

If you own a yacht, you will love this marina, and you will be welcomed 24 hours a day with a full service available as well. Mr. Neil Emilfarb is a great yachting enthusiast, and he made sure that every likeminded individual docking here feels as comfortable as one possibly could. It was his vision that made this place available for a much broader audience.

At the very end – if you are younger, or feel younger that you actually are and you are looking for a place to party – don’t let the beauty of this old town and its heritage fool you! The exciting social life of Budva will enchant you with events that are widely popular, and famous stars like Jamiroquai are known to appear and hold a concert on a regular basis. The famous Sea festival will keep you on your feet for days, and still – once you get tired of dancing you can leave the party and simply walk back from the beach to your secured sanctuary – the Dukley Gardens.

So welcome all and witness the rising new Mediterranean.

5 Star Dusit Thani Bangkok Hotel Delivers Impeccable Meeting Facilities


With its abundant list of places to see, rich intact culture, and stunning scenery, Thailand has become one of Asia’s premier travel destinations. Aside from its lush landscapes, farming communities, and astounding ancient ruins, the capital city of Bangkok is a unique jewel full of attractions such as museums, numerous stunning temples, and cultural tours. Bangkok also offers world-class accommodations for tourists and business travellers. Hotel Dusit Thani in Bangkok is a 5-star luxury hotel that provides modern conveniences and state of the art meeting facilities while immersing guests in the essence of Thailand.

Meeting Facilities

Dusit Thani Bangkok offers numerous and flexible spaces to accommodate any meeting or event. From large and versatile rooms able to hold 1,500 guests, such as the Napalai Ballroom and Vimarn Suriya room, to smaller and more exclusive meeting rooms like the Library 1918. Each function room offers a superb setting for special events such as exhibitions, galas, and even wedding receptions. Dusit Thani’s expansive and versatile venues continue to be the favourite of both locals and event organizers from abroad. There are rooms spacious enough to accommodate 250 people for a sit-down banquet, or 500 for cocktails, or intimate enough for board meetings and lectures.

In addition to providing appropriate and functioning meeting space, Dusit Thani Bangkok also includes numerous support facilities and equipment to make your event go smoothly. Full secretarial and meeting concierge services are provided as well as professional staff so that you are receiving the support you need to run your meeting successfully. The hotel also offers equipment such as laptops, stationery boxes, wired or wireless high-speed internet, complete audio and visual equipment. Coffee, espresso machines, and high-quality teas can also be provided for the comfort of your attendees.

Room Accommodations

Staying at the hotel offers numerous benefits for any and all business travellers. The prime location makes it easy for guests to attend any event at the hotel or grab a taxi to explore Bangkok or get back to the airport. The hotel is adjacent to both the BTS Sky Train and MRT Underground Train. It also conveniently situated near shopping and entertainment districts as well as Lumpini Park, a beautifully landscaped public space featuring playgrounds, boat rentals, food, and festivals. To explore the city, one can grab a taxi right in front of the hotel.

While staying at the hotel, one can choose from a number of rooms and suites for every need. All rooms offer comfort along with desks and internet for working from your room. For those who want to feel submerged in a bit of Thai history, try the Heritage Suite; each room is named after a different ancient city and features associating decor. Hotel Dusit Thani has all manner of luxury and sophistication covered within the Ambassador, Princess, and Majesty suites. These suites offer the privacy of two rooms, fantastic views, and dining rooms for private dinners or entertaining.


Part of the pleasure of experiencing a new culture is getting to taste all the authentic cuisine. Dusit Thani Bangkok provides catering and a superb atmosphere for guests to get their first tastes of Thai fare. Not only that, but they offer a range of specialty restaurants that serve cuisine from around the world for a truly international experience. With rooftop venues, elegant bars, a stunning lounge, and intercontinental buffets, Dusit Thani Bangkok provides a dining experience for every occasion.

Hotel Dusit Thani has all aspects of hosting a meeting or event covered with its all-in-one meeting solutions, dining services, and room accommodations. There is perhaps no other place more beautiful and exotic to host a conference or event.

Why You Should Go on a Road Trip


Cramped spaces, traffic, and even the occasional bout of road rage, why would anyone want to go on a road trip? Well, despite some of the obvious drawbacks, a good road trip offers a unique perspective on traveling that you just can’t replicate any other way. Here are just a few of the reasons your next vacation should be spent on the road.

Life Is a Journey

The great American writer Ralph Waldo Emerson once said ‘Life is a journey, not a destination’. The best road trips are flexible. They don’t get hung up on timetables, schedules, or sometimes even an end destination. Enjoy the scenery, or make a stop at an out-of-sight tourist destination. You’ll see places that you would have never noticed if you were simply spending all day lounging around the hotel pool. Just check out what this famous YouTuber did this past summer.

Remember That Song

Have you ever heard someone say ‘that was the soundtrack of my summer’? Road trips are all about music. Whether it’s listening to the radio to that song you love to hate, or bringing along your own homemade playlists. We all have certain songs that define specific parts of our lives. Singing all the lyrics to your favorite cheesy pop songs or playing air guitar to your favorite classic rock tunes with your best friends could be one of yours.

Learning New Things

Look, there will be problems along the way. You can try to prepare yourself with the right equipment. In the end, though, tires will need to be changed, the AC will stop working on the first day, and that backup generator you bought will go on the fritz. These kinds of situations test your limits and allow you to learn new things about yourself. You might be surprised at what you’re capable of by the end of it.

Creating Memories

At the end of the day, road trips are about creating memories. The older we get, the more commitments we have. Spending all day with your best friends again, just like you use to do when you were younger, will mean that you have a chance to rediscover those old memories while also creating new ones. Despite the inevitable arguments that will happen, the whole journey will bring all of you together and strengthen your bond in the long-run.

Do you have any great road trip memories? Let us know all about them in the comments below.