Neil Emilfarb’s Resort in Balkan Peninsula


Discovering new places is a lifelong and never-ending dream of every travel enthusiast. Every single one of us loves hearing stories about distant, secluded places and interesting cultures that simply don’t get as much as exposure as some of the well-known tourist hubs.

If you love exploring new locations – you are in for a treat! As of recently, a complex called The Dukley Gardens  opened its doors this summer for yachting enthusiasts, international travelers, and tourists from all around the world. Located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, in a small country called Montenegro, in the Old Town of Budva, you will find a marvelous resort, a wonderful gift for all nature lovers and globetrotters from Mr. Neil Emilfarb.

Mr. Neil Emilfarb recognized the potential of this moderately popular but secluded enough resort that is still unknown to the general public, and invested in its marina, residential complex, beach lounge and a restaurant. Starting from next year, there will also be a hotel since the numbers of interested people are continuously rising. So let’s take a look where this beautiful place is, and what wonders can you find there waiting for you.

The town Budva itself is a metropolis of the Montenegrin tourism. There are seventeen sandy and rocky beaches in Budva, but there is also a private beach in the residential area especially for the occupants of the complex. This is truly a place of peace where you can sort out your internal balance and enjoy the vast and blue, crystal clear Adriatic sea.

This entire country is on the coast of the sunny Mediterranean, at the very center of Europe, and from this place you can get to the great cities of the European continent in three hours or so. Visit Paris, Rome, and Athens in the morning, and return in time for supper on the very same day. Put your mind at rest and enjoy the natural wonders, salty waters and relax completely.

The deluxe complex comes with different around the clock services available. Concierge will tend your every need, kindergartens will welcome your kids, and this is even a pet friendly complex, so there is no need to leave your faithful little companions at home. Unless if you’re already home, enjoying with your home family in your comfy and luxurious lifestyle.

If you own a yacht, you will love this marina, and you will be welcomed 24 hours a day with a full service available as well. Mr. Neil Emilfarb is a great yachting enthusiast, and he made sure that every likeminded individual docking here feels as comfortable as one possibly could. It was his vision that made this place available for a much broader audience.

At the very end – if you are younger, or feel younger that you actually are and you are looking for a place to party – don’t let the beauty of this old town and its heritage fool you! The exciting social life of Budva will enchant you with events that are widely popular, and famous stars like Jamiroquai are known to appear and hold a concert on a regular basis. The famous Sea festival will keep you on your feet for days, and still – once you get tired of dancing you can leave the party and simply walk back from the beach to your secured sanctuary – the Dukley Gardens.

So welcome all and witness the rising new Mediterranean.

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