Myths about engagement rings


These myths have been doing the rounds for years, and generally have been accepted as true for a very long time. But if you look at each one individually, you will realise that they are faintly ridiculous. If you are in the market for receiving an engagement ring, show the person who is going to present you with one this article. It may just save the day (especially myth number one).

The first myth concerns the element of surprise. In the movies it is often the case that the guy turns up with an engagement ring out of the blue and the woman swoons, and falls into his arms. It’s the stuff of dreams and it is all because the lady was surprised. But this is a bit of  a myth. Ask any girl and she will say that the one thing she doesn’t want her man to do is surprise her with an engagement ring. It makes a lot more sense to be able to contribute to the whole process and choose one with your partner. Trust us, if anyone suggests that a surprise would have been better, they really don’t know what they are talking about.

The second myth we are going to look at is the idea that a man needs to save up for 3 months worth of salary in order to buy the ring. Sometimes it’s 2 months. It doesn’t matter. The end result is that engagement rings in Houston are quite affordable actually, and as long as you get a ring that has some meaning behind it, you can’t really go wrong. You’re looking for a ring that has emotion and timing attached to it as well as a price tag. It doesn’t need to cost £10,000 for that to happen, surely?

Another myth concerns size. Believe it or not, a ring doesn’t have to be huge for it to have an impact on the lady. There are so many variations on engagement rings in the area of cut and clarity, as well as colour, that size doesn’t really come into it. By all means, have a larger ring, but just remember that a ring has a lot more to it than the size of it. Most women would happily have any size of ring as long as it has enough emotional weight behind it. So size isn’t really a big deal.

Finally, round diamonds have long been seen as the classic shape that women like. While this may be true for many women, a round shape for a ring can often be more expensive simply because of the work that has gone into it. It needs a lot more work to maintain a quality colour for example. If you want to try and look at other shapes, you may be pleasantly surprised. And the round shape is certainly not the be all and end all.

So there are some common myths about engagement rings. Take them into account, and it should help the purchase go more smoothly.

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