My Top 5 City Breaks Around The World

Travelling to far away, exotic places is definitely what drives me to put up with some of the hassles of everyday travel. Sometimes it’s not all about the journey, but definitely about the destination. Cities across the globe are full of vibrancy and character that can make you completely forget about all the delays and bumpy rides it took to get there. There are a number of cities in the world that could certainly pique your interest to make the long haul flight. I give you my top five where the flight will totally be worth it:

  1. Singapore is only a small place in South East Asia but is one of the major travel hubs for the globe. If you are passing through make sure to check out this guide on how to best utilise your time. Singapore also has everything you could want in a city break. There are several neighborhoods that have great character and vibrancy. Little India, where you can find extraordinary modern architecture nearby like that of the J8 hotel, is a perfect example. A holiday in this fabulous part of the world could easily turn into a permanent stay. Over forty-two percent of the population are foreigners, and English is quite widely spoken. The food is amazing, and has a distinct aroma.


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  1. London also has a special kind of energy and is incredibly popular with tourists. There is so much history here that affects so many other nationalities. There are some great ways to see the cityscape as well, with rides on the London Eye offering the best views. London is definitely not a tourist trap though. Instead, it is a welcoming city with local personality in every borough. From world famous markets like Camden Town to exclusive hotels like The Ritz, you will never be short of landmarks to visit. Of course, the tourist trails of Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and St. Paul’s Cathedral are definitely worth putting on your to-do list.
  2. Edinburgh in Scotland is an amazing city to visit all year round, but when the world class Edinburgh Fringe festival is on, you will be amazed at just how lively the city can become. There are never ending events and activities to enjoy at this amazing time. You will also see plenty of famous faces as this is an important circuit even for comedians and performers.
  3. Sydney – For all that is Australia, Sydney does its best to provide it. The museums are first class here, and are all very well looked after. The architecture is quite astonishing too, and Sydney really is the arty hub of Australia. The harbor is worth spending some time around for the food and the fresh air. Step out into the suburbs for an afternoon to gain an idea how wonderfully outdoorsy life is in Australia.
  4. New York – For the ultimate in personality and character, you can’t miss out on New York. So much culture and so much of the arts is readily available in the city, and yet everything on a local level is so charming as well. Central Park feels like an escape from the hustle and bustle of the yellow cabs and city life, yet you never feel a need to get away from that while you are here. A perfect city break.

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