My Hudson River Gotham West Apartment

I moved to Gotham West six months ago and I have to say living here has made city life take on a whole different meaning for me. I’ve never been big on the outdoors, but being so close to the Hudson River and seeing it from my bedroom window every morning has inspired me to venture out more. 1

Hudson River Park is huge – 550-acres of outdoor space where you can walk, bike, run, go kayaking, or take a trapeze class. There’s recreational fishing, boat rides and loads of music events. My latest discovery is the ferry service that goes literally from the end of my street to the Financial District. Talk about convenient!

Yes, there’s more than plenty to do at Hudson River Park, but my favorite is to find a nice spot in the sun, spread out my beach towel, relax and just be, watch people pass by. Some are tourists—it’s not hard to guess, really. Some are like me—new transplants to New York who seem to glow with the feeling of living in what many believe to be the greatest city in the world. Then there are also the native New Yorkers, who seem quite oblivious to their awesome surroundings. How does one ever get tired of this view, or take it for granted? I know I never will, even though Hudson River has become my front yard. 2

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