Medical Tourism – 5 Reasons Why it is Worth Considering to Travel Abroad for IVF



Medical Tourism

For several years a new branch of the economy is developing fast and it includes is tourism linked with treatment. Medical tourism is defined as travel aimed at therapy, rehabilitation and recreation. It involves a trip outside of your region or country to stay in the clinic to improve your health. Patients today are increasingly mobile and with great ease they travel between countries, selecting the best and most specialized clinic and doctors. Trips for therapeutic purposes are gaining in popularity. There appears a steadily growing number of facilities that advertise their services abroad and specialized portals. Medical tourism is a huge, rapidly growing market. Especially in terms of infertility treatment the country of residence does not determine the country of treatment. So why do patients choose foreign clinics and travel to them? There are many reasons for reproductive tourism including In Vitro Fertilization abroad and here are some of them.


Due to domestic legal regulations or simply traditions and common beliefs some methods of infertility treatment may be impossible to undergo in some countries. There are restrictions in terms of who can receive the treatment, what scope of therapy is permitted. At the same time in other countries the variety of procedures may be widely available for a broad spectrum of patients. Also other countries might be able to present patients with better offer when it comes to availability of cells used for procedure or additional services, tests and medical procedures. Patients also choose places with short waiting time for treatment and instant accessibility of consultations and procedures.

Medical standards and efficacy

People decide to travel for top-quality healthcare services and best care possible. If they feel. their home country does not offer sufficient standard they can easily travel elsewhere. Especially when it comes to fertility tourism patients tend to choose clinics that are most trustworthy, well-reputed and of best standard. Facilities with highly qualified medical staff, cutting-edge equipment and procedures and well adjustment to foreign patient’s needs.

With high quality of procedure there comes high efficacy. IVF success relies on a well experienced lab team and advanced clinic. People usually choose clinics of both top-quality and documented high success rate of IVF treatment.

Price for quality

One of the most important factors is the price: treatments centres in some countries may be 40-80% cheaper as their standard is very high. For example Poland offers foreign patients qualified medical personnel, well-equipped offices and very competitive prices – treatment in the number one facility INVICTA Fertility Clinic is few times cheaper than in Western centres. Standard IVF program in INVICTA that includes eggs collection, embryo transfer and medical consultations costs 1625 EUR. Meanwhile treatment in a British clinic reaches 3500-4000 GBP which means around 4 to 4,6 thousand Euro for the same scope of procedure. Even including the costs of travel and accommodation it may still be cheaper to visit Poland instead of paying three times as much for single cycle.


Last but not least people wish to spend nice leisure time in good localisation as they undergo treatment. Both beautiful cities as exotic landscapes are what attracts tourists among which there are also medical tourists.

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