Luxury Yacht Charter Destinations – The Greek Cyclades


The days are getting lighter and the long Northern winter is almost at an end, which means that it’s definitely time to be booking your summer luxury yacht charters.

There are few places on earth that scream idyllic yachting holiday more than the Greek Islands, with their bewitching blend of ancient civilizations, whitewashed villages and turquoise and sapphire waters.

Each year the superyacht fleet comes visiting the Cyclades islands, and it’s extremely easy to see why. This mesmerizing chain of islands offers a beguiling mix of night-time glamour, ancient culture and astonishing natural beauty.

Dock in famed Mykonos to walk amongst windmills and along long sandy beaches, and dance the night away in one of the sophisticated clubs. Have an elegant beach party at night amongst the lanterns and white cloth tables set up next to the silvery sea. Eat rustic fresh food in a quiet hillside taverna or dine in one of the excellent restaurants along the harbor front, looking out across the lights of the gathered yachts. This island is a mecca for the superyacht set each summer, and it has a buzz of excitement during the summer months that is extremely hard to resist. Part high glamour, part deep relaxation: this is yachting bliss.

Santorini, meanwhile, is simply unmissable. This is the island that launched a million postcards, with its whitewashed village perched on top of towering, vertiginous cliffs that plummet down sheer to the deep sea. An extinct volcano, the beauty of this island beggars belief, with its sandy isolated beaches and quaint villages reached by donkey paths. Anchor off and spend a morning wakeboarding or swimming in the shadow of this ancient fire-mountain. Go ashore for an exquisite lunch, or spend an afternoon being pampered in a spa with a panoramic view off the edge of the cliffs across the sparkling Aegean. Have a cocktail, while watching a limitless pool running off the edge to nowhere, your deckchair waiting in the warm afternoon sunshine, immense cliffs glowing red as the sun drops into the sea.

Where Mykonos offers glamour and Santorini staggering scenery, Delos offers the heart and soul of the Cyclades chain. The birthplace of the immortals Apollo and Artemis, this is sacred ground, on which no-one is allowed to be born, or to die. No-one lives here now, but even in the days when it was the bustling trade heart of the Cyclades, women in labor or those close to death would be ferried off the island to ensure that it remained pure and sacred. Today, it exists as history you can walk amongst; a deserted island full of sculptures and artifacts standing strong against the ravages of time. It is an enchanting, magnificent place, and one where you can feel the echo of the ages.

The delights don’t stop there; set your yacht’s course to meander through the Cyclades island chain, taking in the breathtaking beauty of Naxos, Andros and Amorgos, or visit Homer’s tomb and enjoy the great nightlife of Ios.

This summer, anchor your yacht in a perfect cove and plunge off the swim platform into sapphire waters shot through with shards of light. Walk among lemon groves and sail among the peaks of sunken mountain ranges. Eat and drink and soak up the Mediterranean sunshine. Tomorrow, you can do it all again.

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