In Vitro Fertilization with Egg Donation – 5 Best Destinations


In Vitro Fertilization is an extremely popular method of infertility treatment. In its variant including egg donation it is the most universal and effective treatment option for patients struggling to have children. Millions of couples over decades have tried this procedure of assisted reproduction and thanks to that could at last become parents. Although it is highly recommended it is also very expensive, especially in western European countries.  That is why many couples decide to undergo IVF with egg donation abroad, where the procedure can be few times cheaper. And the lower cost of treatment is not the only incentive for the patients to choose medical tourism in the area of assisted reproduction – IVF abroad has many other advantages, among which there are a high quality, high experience of clinics and doctors in performing IVF procedure as well as touristic value of different destinations such as Spain, Cyprus, Poland, Czech Republic .

IVF in Spain

The first and most popular destination for In Vitro Fertilization with egg donation is Spain. The country has a long experience as a host for foreign patients seeking assisted reproduction. Although associated mainly with amazing holiday location, Spain is also the place for comprehensive infertility treatment. For those who would like to combine the recreation with IVF procedure, Spain is just the place. As a destination for In Vitro Fertilization Spain is popular especially among couples from UK, France or Netherlands, mostly for egg donation or embryo donation.. The total cost of the procedures in Spain can be estimated around €2500, which is a competitive price. Also the quality of care and procedures is of a high standard. Getting IVF in one of best IVF clinics in Spain, we can be sure of care of the top specialists in the field and the best quality of procedures.

IVF Treatment in Cyprus

Another popular destination is Cyprus. For most people it is just another paradise island for holidays, but both southern Cyprus Republic and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus attract thousands of patients every year. IVF treatment in Cyprus is relatively cheap a can be as low as €3000 and €4500 for full egg donation cycle, which is less than half of the average UK price, although Cyprus’s quality of treatment is as high as the one of western European countries. The growing demand coming from foreign patients as well as years of experience and efforts of clinics are what enforces the top standards of care. And last but not least the possibility of spending time in this most pleasant place is more than promising and can influence the positive outcome of the treatment.

IVF in Poland

The next top destination for IVF with egg donation is Poland. It is an rapidly increasing market in health tourism in Europe. Getting IVF in Poland is a very popular option firstly because of the low prices – IVF in Poland costs only around €1150 or €4000 for cycle with egg donation which can be few times less than in western countries. Secondly, the quality of treatment in Poland is guaranteed by EU laws and constant clinics’ efforts. Polish IVF centres are very dedicated to foreign patients and their needs. Also there are virtually no waiting lists in Poland. Also the touristic aspect of it is significant – amazing cities of a rich history and wonderful nature are a must-see during and after IVF in Poland.

IVF in Greece

Greece is a very popular country to have IVF in. Seaside resorts, rich history and hot weather are what can lure tourists to the country but also there is a booming health tourism environment in there. In top clinics the doctors are well-trained and experienced. The high-end facilities guarantee safety and high effectiveness of the treatment. Also the IVF laws in Greece are fairly liberal making IVF treatment in different variants and for different groups more available. The cost of the IVF with egg donation can be cheaper than in other countries of Europe, reaching as low as  €3500.

IVF in Czech Republic

Last destination we describe is the Czech Republic  with over 30 fertility clinics in which the  standard of treatment is excellent. Most of the IVF clinics are cutting-edge and well-regulated. They develop thanks to the demand for low cost treatment which they offer. The Czech success rates are very high, especially for egg donation. IVF clinics in the country offer a great range of high-quality treatments  at very affordable costs as low as €1500-€2000 which is extremely low compared to Western Europe.

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