How To Prepare For The Road Trip of A Lifetime In A Luxury Motorhome


Nicholas A. Tonelli

So, you have fulfilled you dream and just taken possession of a motorhome. If you are lucky, you will have bought it new, but there are plenty of used luxury models available that have not completed many miles. Either way, it is standing on your driveway and will not come to life until you use it for your first vacation. You could drive it to one destination and park up, but what is the point of that when you have such a vehicle ready to take you on many adventures. A road trip is the order of the day. If you have never organised one before, you need all the advice you can get.

You will find some useful tips here, on how to prepare for the road trip of a lifetime in a luxury motorhome.


The insurance for this vehicle is different to ordinary car insurance because of its purpose. You might be pleasantly surprised and learn that the premiums are favorable. I prefer to get several quotes and compare them to ensure that I get the best deal.


Before you set off, you must make sure that the vehicle is secure. The team at know how a break in can spoil your trip. There are many alarm systems on the market that are easy to install and effective.

The Route

We have a big map of the country at home, and we each push pins into it to indicate places we would like to visit. Now, the country is huge, so we usually work within a radius of one point. When all the pins are in place, the best route to get to them might jump out at you, but sometimes it takes much consideration. We might not be able to visit all of the places, but we do what we can. You must also find sites where you can park up at night. The internet is a valuable tool for your research.The system works well; give it a try and make up your mind.

Fuel Cost

You must allow plenty of money for fuel; these beasts are thirsty! Calculate the length of the route and divide that by the average stated MPG of the vehicle. To be on the safe side, double that figure. It will allow for the extra fuel it will take to move a fully laden vehicle, and extra detours and excursions.


You must be wise when packing for the trip. It isn’t an exact science; try to remember that extra weight will equate to fuel consumption. You will soon learn to distinguish essential clothing and items from luxury ones that you do not need. After a few trips, the process will become second nature to you and it will not take much thought.

The day you set off is an exciting one. As the engine roars into life, your family is filled with a sense of curiosity and adventure. What does the next couple of weeks have in store for you all? That, my friends, is your story.

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