How To Plan Your Vacation Trip Using Your Mobile Device

Planning a travel trip could be a head ache as there are many things to consider before you travel from place to place. Worry less, as you can now create a perfect travel plan for your next adventure using only your mobile device. But first, you might be asking why only mobile device? The simplest answer to that question is, because it is so handy you can bring it anywhere you go. No need to bring book travel guides, maps, etc. your mobile device is your perfect travel buddy.

This guide is categorized into 4 essential phases each of these category have and equivalent apps that will help you manage your trip in advance.

Phase 1:  Choosing your desired location

If you are still unsure of the places you want to visit, I suggest downloading TripAdvisor app which will help you decide which places are great to visit. TripAdvisor help you find the lowest airfare, best hotels, restaurants, prices based on other traveler’s reviews and opinion.  Next thing is to make sure you’ll never get lost in the place; prior to your travel use Waze Social GPS Map to track your future route destination and save it for offline viewing.

Phase 2: Choosing when to travel

Before traveling to a place make sure the weather condition is good. AccuWeather app lets you stay connected with the latest weather forecast. It is also best to check out the current and future events of a city you wanted to visit. Nearify app helps you discover upcoming local and current nearby events, use this app to fully maximize and enjoy your trip.

Phase 3: Budgeting

As a traveler you want to make sure that you have enough money to spend while on vacation, that is why it is important to budget your expenses prior to your trip to make sure you won’t over spend or be short on money. Travel Expense app helps you record all your expenses by importing your credit card this app automatically creates a receipt of all your purchases from fare, food, hotels and other miscellaneous.  For instance, you are planning to visit France to play casino estimate a budget and input in on the app, this will then serve as expenses guide. If you want to play casino Visitez Vegas Casino Francais for more information.

Phase 4: Finalizing and Organizing

Last and the most important part, after you decide which places you want to visit list down each of these places using Evernote this app will remind you the places you wanted to visit and those you have been visited already.

Your trip should look like this in the image below:

So in summary, here are the mobile applications what will help you plan your next perfect adventure trip.

  1. TripAdvisor – Finding great travel destination
  2. Waze – Real time GPS map
  3. AccuWeather – Real time weather forecast
  4. Nearify – Event discovery
  5. Budget Manager – Travel expense manager
  6. Evernote – Travel reminder

Once you are done planning your next adventure trip, make sure not to lose your mobile device when you travel or else your whole trip can be ruined and keep in mind that safety is the first priority. Enjoy your future travel with these tips!

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