How to Plan an Amazing City break to London

Planning on heading over to London? You can’t just go without a plan. If you turn up with no idea on where to go or what to do, you’ll be overwhelmed with the amount of opportunities you’re presented with. If you show up with a plan, you know exactly where to be and when. Nothing is saying you need to be rigid and stick to your plan if you find something better to do, but at least you’ll have a loose idea of what you might be doing. Read on to plan an amazing city break:

How do You Envision Your Trip?

Imagine your trip and think about how you envision it. Is it full of tourist attractions such as the London Eye? Do you want to take part in quirkier, less touristy activities? Do you just want to party the night away? Make sure you know what kind of trip you want to have, even if you plan on doing a mix of activities.

Do Your Research

Research the best things to do in London and make sure you search for things that will give you the kind of trip you want. If you want a trip that is based around partying, you might find a private boat party on the Thames a lot of fun. Tripadvisor is really helpful for this kind of thing and will give you an idea of all of the tourist and non tourist attractions you can partake in. Other sites are helpful too; do lots of research and note down your findings!

Find a Great Place to Stay

You can’t expect to have an amazing city break if you haven’t got a great place to stay, can you? This is another time when you’ll need to do your research. Make sure you get great value for money in terms of the rating of the hotel and the features included. If you don’t plan on spending that much time in the hotel, this part isn’t that important. However, I do like to take into account where the majority of my activities will take place and find accommodation nearby.

Get Familiar With the Tube

If you can get familiar with the tube before you go, you’ll save yourself all kinds of hassle. It can be a bit stressful for first timers, but once you know what you’re doing you can go anywhere in the shortest amount of time possible.

8687885584_56d4cbf053_zPicture from Lena Vasiljeva

Book Your Activities in Advance

When you know the things you’re going to be including on your itinerary, book what you can in advance. You can usually save money doing it this way, but make sure you won’t want to swap this activity for something else later on. You’re bound to find something that you want to do in London on the spur of the moment!

Having a fantastic city break in the capital of the UK is all about planning, planning, and more planning. Once you’ve got the hard bit over with, you can relax and enjoy your stay!

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