Five Features To Demand From Any Luxury Hotel

When you’re going on holiday, you expect the best. That’s even truer when you’re paying for luxury. Posh hotels can seem a little unapproachable. The staff can appear pompous. It’s difficult to complain if there’s something wrong. It shouldn’t be. With the Internet, it’s easy today to analyse your potential hotels before you book. With that in mind, here’s a checklist of what to expect – no, demand – from any high-price hotel.


Location is the key factor. That’s why it’s so often followed by two extra “Locations.” You want to be central to the action in your chosen city. There’s no point going to Paris and being thirty miles away from the Eiffel Tower. Who’d visit Berlin and stay in a hotel nowhere near the Brandenburg Gate? You wouldn’t stay in a Wolverhampton hotel that wasn’t close to the Sports World store. (OK, bad example.) Your hotel’s location should be central, and even interesting in itself. For example, the hotel at is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Imagine that!


If you’re paying for luxury, you want a luxurious room. A good hotel room can be a model for other designs elsewhere. Let’s face it – if you wanted to stay in a substandard room, you could just stay at home. (Perhaps that’s just me.) We all want something special. Check out the rooms online first. Identify what kind of style you want. Are you after minimalist chic or finery and grandeur? It shouldn’t be difficult to find something that fits you like a glove.


We’ve all been to those hotels that look like a dentist’s waiting room. One example I visited in Amsterdam resembled a morgue. That was in Amsterdam, one of the most fun cities anywhere in Europe. A hotel should be an enjoyable place to be. Look out for hotels that offer services besides just a room. They’re certain to be livelier than your average hotel. You shouldn’t aim to spend your whole holiday in the hotel. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have some fun while you’re there.

Comfort – and home comforts

We take comfort for granted. Home comforts are another thing altogether. It turns out that what most hotel guests want is WiFi. What that shows us is that hotel guests don’t want too much of an escape from modern life on their holidays. Make sure your hotel provides decent add-ons. A bed and a mini-fridge just isn’t enough anymore.


This one might be a little difficult to secure. Luxury hotels don’t just give rooms away. In the era of price comparison websites, they still shouldn’t be too expensive. See if you can get a decent discount before you book. It’s worth trying, especially if the standard price is a tad high.

Don’t let luxury hotels take your business for granted. They’re in competition for your business. Make them work hard for you. Let them spoil you! You’ll have a much more enjoyable holiday if your hotel is earning your money.

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