Essential Packing Advice For Your Vacation In 2014


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Are you getting ready for your annual vacation? Many people are. We are almost at the end of spring and that beans the summer is only a heartbeat away. We have been saving hard for this trip, and many people have had to go without other things in order to fund it.

Are you a stay at home person with your vacations? Many people shiver at the thought of being locked up in a metal tube, unable to move because it is so crowded, travelling at six hundred miles an hour over a vast ocean where as recent events have shown, it is possible for an airliner to disappear. They would far rather travel less than one hundred miles to the nearest seaside with their family, and have fun there.

For those who prefer to go abroad, however, excitement awaits. Some prefer adventure holidays, and others more intellectual inspiration from the great historical wonders of the world. Luckinly, places to stay can be found and compared at and many other online agents. One thing is common to all flights abroad; luggage. There are things everyone needs to know about how to pack their bags for the trip.

Here is some advice for packing your bags if you are heading for warmer, or colder, climes.

Baggage Dimensions

Your airline will publish information about the size of the bags you can take on the plane. This will probably be included in their online booking information, so you can download it and measure your bags. There are two kinds of luggage that you take onto the plane; hand luggage and stowed luggage. Make sure that neither of these exceed the maximum permitted dimensions.

Baggage Weight

There is also a maximum weight for the baggage and exceeding it can be very expensive indeed. You are not only paying for the extra fuel needed to fly the extra weight, but you also have to pay for the extra weight of the fuel too. So don’t be surprised when you are charged a lot for every kilo over your permitted weight; it is justified.

Hand Luggage Contents

Baby milk or the dry powder to make it is permitted in your hand luggage. Medicines too are permitted. These can include pills, inhalers, insulin and syringes for injection (with a doctor’s certificate); any medicine that you need. You cannot pack razor blades, scissors; most things that can be used as a weapon. These will all need to be in your stowed luggage.

Stowed Luggage Contents

There are restrictions on what you can pack in your stowed luggage. Mobile phones, laptops, or computers of any kind are prohibited. You will need to carry those on the plane with you. The theory behind it is, if any of them are disguised bombs, the bomber will have to carry them and so lose their lives too.

If you are in any doubt at all about an item, it is best to ring your airline and get a definitive answer. Your bags will be scanned before they are loaded onto the plane, and it is very inconvenient to everyone if there is a problem. Hopefully, everything will go without a hitch, and you will arrive at your destination safely. Only then will you realised what you have forgot to pack. This is quite normal; you are not alone.



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