The Future Is Now – Sport Simulators

As advancements in computer processing speeds and efficiency continue to climb, programmers and engineers have had no trouble finding new and creative applications for their newfound capabilities. Video games have become more immersive and realistic than ever, but some innovators have decided to take things a few steps further. Virtual reality (VR for short) was once a cumbersome, blocky, and overall un-impressive experience that saw limited success in the late ’90s. There was very little “reality” in the earlier versions of virtual reality; however, advanced computing and graphical processing have completely changed the landscape of the industry.

Modern systems have found value beyond the entertainment arena. VR is now widely used in simulators for aeronautics, law enforcement, and Olympic athletic training. Advanced simulators employ sensors, large format screens, and realistic replica interfaces to produce ultra realistic environments. Simulators such as these are priceless assets allowing for repeated training in controlled situations, helping the user to hone their skills in the relative safety and comfort of a simulator.


Sport simulators have become quite popular, both for entertainment as well as for serious athletic preparation. There are simulation tools for nearly every non-contact sport and even a few for contact sports. At The ROX: The Olympic Experience at the Richmond Olympic Oval, patrons are given the opportunity to bobsleigh, kayak, racecar, ski-jump, or sit-ski an actual Olympic course through VR. The ability of modern sport simulators to bring challenges and experiences from around the world into a single location has an impact that is game changing.

It is now also common to find virtual golf pubs offering golfers the opportunity to play a full round of golf within the walls of a small restaurant or bar. Virtual Reality can provide young people who would normally have little or no access to a given sport the opportunity to experience it firsthand; aspiring athletes an affordable resource to continue pursuing their passions; and performing artists or extreme athletes the opportunity to develop and innovate new movements and tricks with a lower level of risk for injury. The opportunities for VR games and programs are immense. If you’re planning a vacation in or near Richmond, B.C., take a look online at the vast number of immersive activities available for you and your family. Visit if you would like to try out these incredible simulations yourself at the world’s only interactive attraction endorsed by the International Olympic Committee.

The same appeal that allows competitive athletes to pursue their dreams is also an attractive dynamic for casual thrill seekers. How many people would otherwise have the opportunity to ski the alps or run with the bulls? Sports simulators grant this opportunity to people from any background in any part of the world. This type of unique experience also makes sports and other simulators a great choice for team building events and corporate workshops, allowing participants to face fears and compete with one another in a friendly, safe environment. It is an immersion experience that will not soon be forgotten by anyone. If you’re planning a trip to B.C., where else can you find the opportunity to kayak, sit-ski, and bobsleigh, all in one afternoon?

When reflecting on the advancements in VR technology and the progression of modern sports and other simulators, it seems amazing the amount of progress that has been made in the last 20 years. As developers continue to innovate this technology, it will serve to offer all of us better and more realistic experiences, allowing participants to live their lives to the fullest. For some, it just may motivate and inspire them to make their “virtual reality” experience a “reality”. If you’re interested in an Olympic-themed day of interactive activities and simulations, consider a visit to The ROX.

3 Important Ways Yoga Holidays Can Impact Your Life Positively


Digital detox holidays are very popular nowadays and can have a very positively impact on your life.  As well as giving you a break from the stresses of your busy life and the chance to practice yoga more intensively than you can back home, there are also many other ways it can be a good thing in your life.  We have gathered together the three ways that it can impact your life that  we consider to be the most important.

Transformation Will Happen Quicker

If you practise yoga regularly already and feel the benefits, attending a yoga holiday can still help improve your ability and achievements.  It is likely that you are only able to devote a small amount of time a week to yoga which obviously means you only see a small level of transformation and it will take longer.  On a yoga holiday however, as that is the main focus of the retreat, you will see improvements and feel yourself transform in a very short period of time.

Deeper Relaxation And Rejuvenation

Obviously one of the main reasons why anyone would go on a yoga holiday is to experience relaxation and rejuvenation.  You can experience full-on escapism from all the responsibilities and stresses that wear you out and are surrounded by an environment that is both safe and nurturing.  When you are not conversing with your fellow yoga holidaymakers and practising yoga there are many chances to sit and contemplate your life and meditate on a deeper level.

Will Learn Methods For Breaking Old And Long-standing Habits

While you are on a yoga holiday you are removed from your everyday life and with the added bonus of participating in a digital detox, you will begin to build up healthier habits while breaking older ones.  The interesting thing is that as you devote more time to positive,up-building habits including everything from what you eat to what you say when you talk to yourself; you will realise it is a lot easier than you thought to avoid those bad habits.

As we are sure you can see, there are many ways yoga holidays and digital detoxes can impact on your life.  This list, it should be noted,is not exhaustive though and along with the above there are many other things you will learn about while you are there.  For instance, as you spend your time in a small group with other attendees, you will be able to make friends with people who share the same thoughts and feelings as you.  After all, most of you will be there for very similar reasons.

As well as bad habits related to food, drink and the technology that often rules our life; you will also have the chance to work mental and emotional problems.  After all, you can only really start to heal these kinds of problems when you feel relaxed, focused and strong enough to do it.  Often, the friends you make in this environment are the kind that you will want to keep in your life forever.

Top Tips For Moving Overseas For Your Job

You’re busy at work clicking through the travel blogs and holiday sales again. Dreaming of a sunny beach with a fresh sea breeze blowing through your hair puts a smile on your face. Naturally, you start thinking about getting a new sun hat. Just as you’re about to click on that link for some rather fabby looking sunglasses, the boss appears…

Fortunately, all your dreams are about to come true! You will be heading out on a flight to meet up with some business partners overseas. Chances are, it will be a regular occurrence, so lots of chances for sunbathing in warmer climates. Of course, if you are traveling to other countries all the time, it may be sensible for you to start thinking about buying your own property over there.

6242812095_453e1e7312_zImage courtesy of Flickr

Relocating is a massive undertaking. You need to spend quality time in your new country to get to know the local laws and customs. Most importantly, you need to get to know some of the local areas you would consider moving to. House shopping overseas is hard work as you may need to navigate language barriers when speaking to property agents or reading up on property specifications. Each country has its unique process for buying a property, and as a foreigner there may be strict rules you need to follow. For example, if you are buying a property in Spain, you need to apply for your NIE Numbers a good couple of months beforehand. This helps ensure you are legally eligible to proceed with the sale.

Removal costs for shipping overseas doesn’t come cheap either. If you work for a big company, part of their job offer package will likely include shipping your belongings overseas for you. This will help a lot. If you undertake the move yourself, you may want to look up some overseas removal experts to help you.

If you are planning to relocate to a foreign country, try and visit the new area as often as you can before making any final commitments. Favorite holiday destinations can be very different places off-season and may not have the same appeal. You may want to do some in-depth research on crime statistics and cost of living too. If you are unable to sustain the same quality of life you are used to at home, it may not be worth going. This may be due to the cost of living being higher in your new country than what you are used to. Check your new wage is appropriate.

You may be relocating quickly and not have much time to pick and choose where you live. You may not be buying a property at all at first because your company is providing a villa or hotel accommodation until you find your feet. Another consideration is the working environment. If you are going to miss your friends in the office, you can ask if you can meet up with your new office mates once or twice before the move. This will help you build rapport, and hopefully someone in the office will help you with the move.

The Essential Guide To Visiting Australia

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When you decide to visit Australia, you embark on the trip of a lifetime. The country is rife with exciting things to do and see. Many people travel in Australia because the country offers a wealth of new experience. The destination is popular with backpackers and tourists alike. The country is scenic, yet dangerous. The vast landscape belies deep, dark secrets. The country is home to some of the most-dangerous animals in the world. Everything from insects to snakes are venomous in Australia. That means that you should be careful whilst visiting the country.

It is deceptive to suggest that going to Australia is a single experience. There is no way that you can travel the depths of the country in just one visit. Even if you lived there for a year, you wouldn’t see everything the country has to offer. Before you go to Australia, you should make a point of choosing your destinations. Internal travel is possible, but it is also expensive. Remember, the country is huge in comparison to most western civilizations. You can’t just jump on a coach and see the entire country. To help you choose the right destination for you, here is a mind-blowing guide to some of the best places in Australia.


Sydney is, of course, the most-popular tourist destination in Australia. If you adore culture and an urban environment, this is the city for you. Home to the Sydney Opera House, the city, is a buzzing place that any young tourist would love. It is important to choose your attractions before you visit the city itself. Shows and concerts are expensive if you don’t book them in advance. Look for some cheap deals online before you make the trip so that you can save some money.

Bondi Beach is the heart of the city. The beach is where all the tourists and travelers congregate on a daily basis. If you would like to, you can have surf lessons on the beach with trained surf-instructors. This part of Australia is what many people imagine of the entirety of the country. Beautiful beaches, city streets and tall buildings make up the landscape of this city. Make sure that you are careful when travelling in Sydney. The city has a low crime rate, but there are many pickpockets in the city. If you look like a tourist, you will become a target. Don’t carry large sums of money around with you.


Melbourne is the capital of Victoria, Australia. Whilst Sydney has its merits, Melbourne is a much nicer place to visit as a tourist. There are many great attractions within the city that will keep you entertained throughout your trip. The Royal Botanic Gardens, for example, offer a hidden paradise for people wanting to escape the city streets. People who love culture will want to visit the National Gallery of Victoria, where they can see both modern and native art. Many of the tours in the gallery are free, and so this is a cheap option if your travel money is sparse.

One of the main things that you will find when you visit Melbourne is the vibe in the city. Unlike Sydney, Melbourne has a unique, young atmosphere. The city is home to plenty of creative people, who live and work there. That means that there are always special events in the city that center on art and culture. You should look at some listings before planning your trip. Often the streets are home to festivals and markets, and so you should find out about them.


Darwin is a strange land. That’s not to say it’s not a fantastic tourist destination, but it is odd. Much of Australia has moved forward in social and cultural terms. Darwin is quite old-fashioned in many ways. The city is at the heart of the Northern Territory. That means that the city is home to both Australians and indigenous people. In the city, you can almost touch the outback and on the outskirts of town, there is long grass. When you travel to Darwin, you should prepare yourself for a culture shock. The city is a mishmash of both modern and old attractions. On one street, you will find a host of modern bars and clubs, whilst on the next you might find the fringe of an aboriginal culture.

Planning a trip out into the wild is an intense thing to do. You won’t find the same home comforts in Darwin as you will in the rest of Australia. When you’re planning a trip like this one, you should make sure that you do a lot of research before you leave. has a lot of travel guides to help you choose your destination. Remember, the cheapest destination is not always the best. Loads of people adore Darwin, but if you go, you need to prepare yourself for a completely new culture.

Kangaroo Island

Just off the south coast of Australia, Kangaroo Island is a small haven. The island is home to some of the most-exotic animals in the world. Whilst on your trip, you may want to take a short visit to this island. Whilst the area is scenic, there are few things to do on the island itself. Once you have seen the creatures and relaxed on the beach for a day or two, you will begin to get bored with the place.

The island is best for lovers and newlyweds as it offers a secluded vacation with few distractions. There are plenty of wildlife tours and wine tasting events to keep couple’s busy during the daytime. When the light fades, though, there is nothing but great food to entertain you. If you decide to visit the island, make sure you research events in the area. Throughout the year, the island is home to plenty events, such as the Art Fest in October. Going during event times will mean that there is more to do and see on the island while you are there.

Everything That You Need to Know About the Ski Season in Canada

Skiing is one of those fantastic activities that lots of people like to do. There is a world of ski resorts that you can enjoy. But, if you are looking for a great skiing location, that offers astounding facilities, the best place to go skiing is in Canada.

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As you can imagine, the terrain and climate in Canada make it the best skiing location worldwide. For many, they want to take in the incredible scenery as well as doing what they love. Dry ski slopes and artificial facilities are not enough for die-hard ski fans.

The length of ski season can vary. This depends on the mountain and the location. For many places, ski seasons are roughly six months in length. But of course, due to the dependence of the conditions of the mountain, some resorts can stay open for long. Canada allows people to ski for longer. This is due to the high elevation of the mountain and because of its cold climate.

According to the Alltracks Academy, the end of December is the true start of ski season in Canada. Of course, for the ultimate ski fan you venture out in November. The slopes may not be perfect for the type of skiing that you wish to undertake. However, you will have a good time.

Think about what you want to do when you are skiing in Canada. Do you already have a high level of proficiency in the sport? Do you want to become better? Or would you like to learn some new skills? Various resorts have different opportunities. You can simply ski down the mountain, or you can ensure that you are building on your existing skill set within the sport. There is a wide range of things that you can do during ski season in Canada.

One of the best things about the winter months in Canada is that the ski slopes present perfect challenges. They allow skiers of all abilities to get involved in the sport. What is more, these resorts are packed with like minded and friendly people. What better way than to spend a vacation with people who love the same sports as you.

The resorts tend to be done to a high standard. This means that you are not compromising the quality of your resort simply so that you can ski. You can still have a luxury resort, with all of the awesome facilities at your disposal. What is more, you can explore the wider environment around you on your days off. Going on a ski holiday doesn’t mean that you are stuck in the ski resort. You can explore Canada as whole and take in this magnificent country.

Ski season allows many people the opportunity to visit a country that they once would have dismissed. Ski season is the perfect time to visit Canada. Ditch the humdrum sunshine package deals and go skiing this season. You’ll get fit, see a fantastic country and learn something new in the process.

Take up skiing and have the time of your life in Canada!