7 Authentic Dishes You Should Definitely Try In Holland

Although it is fair to say that Dutch cuisine is not as internationally renowned as the food from other European countries such as Spain, France and Italy; that does not mean you should not try some local food when holidaying in Holland.  As you will see in the following article, there are some very delicious authentic Dutch dishes and delicacies that you should try at least once.


While it is very popular here in the UK, liquorice actually originates from the Netherlands.  People do tend to either love it or hate it.  If you one of the people that loves it, there is much to get excited about while in Holland.  Liquorice comes in 4 different drop types – hard salt, hard sweet, soft salt and soft sweet.  It also comes in a variety of different flavours including coconut fondant (often referred to as English liquorice), laurel, salammoniac, mint and honey.


Bitterballen are essentially the Dutch version of meatballs.  Meat formed into circles and covered in breadcrumbs and normally served with mustard.  They can be found just about anywhere, from restaurants to snack bars and even at parties and formal events.

Boerenkool Served With Sausage

Boerenkool is one of Holland’s most popular and oldest dishes and is a tasty combination of curly kale and potatoes served with mustard, gravy and some lovely rookworst sausage.  As boerenkool is very high in carbs, it is particularly popular during the winter time.


As you probably know, the people of Holland love cheese.  Cheese and other dairy products are one of the things that Dutch people are most famous for, besides the red light district and their liberal views of cannabis use.  Most Dutch cheese is either semi-hard or hard, but there is a lot to choose from.  There are plenty of neutral cheeses, but if you are feeling a little more adventurous you should try one blended with spices or herbs.  Nagelkaas for instance, is very popular, and has cloves blended into it.


It’s not just savoury dishes that Dutch people excel at, take stroopwafel for instance.  This is a syrupy/caramel waffle which consists of a wafer-thin waffle made in a pizelle pan.  When it is ready to eat, it is sliced horizontally and then the light syrupy caramel sauce is drizzled over one half with the other placed on top like a sandwich.


Vlaii is a tart or pie from Limburg that features a pastry and filling.  They normally have a diameter of 27 to 30 centimetres and are available with a variety of different fillings including plums, strawberries, apricot and cherries.  Although they are often eaten at funerals, birthdays and other life events; you should try and make the effort to try one while you are there on holiday.

Raw Herring and Onions

This might not be to everyone’s taste but, if you are looking for a new culinary experience, Hollandse Nieuwe, or raw herring is something you should try.  It is normally served alongside chopping gherkins and raw onions.  The most intriguing thing is how Dutch people eat it though.  They lift the fish high in the air by the tail and then bite upwards.  If you are too self-conscious for that, raw herring is also available served soft white bread buns.

If you like the idea of visiting Holland, and want some more inspiration on what to do while you’re their, head over to the Travel Trout blog because they have plenty of ideas on what you can do while you’re visiting this area!

Why Toronto Restaurants Are To Die For

The etymology of the word “Toronto” refers to the fact that the city was originally a place where several rivers converged, making it a literal meeting place where different types of worlds all came together. While much has changed since the city was originally founded, Toronto, Canada is still a place of convergence and meeting for the millions of people who live there and the countless tourists from all over the world who visit every year. There are many wonderful places to meet, be entertained and socialize in Toronto, such as at its many art galleries, museums, clubs, sports arenas and marvelous shops. The city boasts an unprecedented amount of cultural diversity, and has a broader range of culture for visitors to experience than practically any other place in the whole country.

When deciding on a place to rest their heads while they’re discovering everything Toronto has to offer, a lot of folks are choosing a boutique hotel over the more traditional chain options that have long been thought of as the only real choice for anyone who wants a decent place to stay in the big city. These new boutique hotels offer a much more intimate and personalized atmosphere, with outstanding amenities and a “welcome home” type of feeling in the air. Most of these places are locally owned, and do their best to fit into and participate in the local culture around them. Each one is unique in the type of style it exudes.

Inevitably, anyone who visits Toronto is going to want to see what its much-vaunted restaurants have to offer. Cuisine from every country on the planet is available, and there are restaurants of all kinds on practically every street, from five-star fine dining establishments to fast food options from every possible country and down-home cooking. One of the most popular culinary destinations in the city also happens to be located inside one of its most popular boutique hotels – which itself is within walking distance of all the best downtown Toronto food spots. Between its restaurant, its café, and its several bars, the Drake Hotel is one of the hippest hang-outs in the city, featuring local cuisine, live music, innovative drinks, and a welcoming atmosphere. Their Underground venue is a wonderfully varied performance venue, packing the house nightly, and their Lounge features a rotating art exhibit as a background for a variety of activities every week-end. All this on top of the fact that the rooms are uniquely decorated and furnished by local craftspeople and artists, and you can see why it’s become one of the city’s premiere destinations.

When it comes to the cuisine available to guests, the Drake Hotel didn’t get where they are by following the crowd. Their menu (http://www.thedrakehotel.ca/dining/) is full of down-home dishes as well as more exotic fare. Each time the season changes, so do the items on the menu. The variety is endless, with food choices from many countries and cultures as well as locally raised steaks and chops. You’ll want to try some of the reinvented classics that they offer.

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