Camping is Back: Amazing European Camping Destinations

Thanks to the resurgence in glamping, more people are indulging in camping holidays than ever before. This is great news for intrepid explorers who want to get back to basics, with just a sheet of canvas protecting them from the elements.  Camping is a great way to be at one with nature. Camping in the UK can be somewhat problematic. After all, the rainy season never truly ends. But, if you want to guarantee sunshine and good times, camping in mainland Europe is an excellent way to explore the rest of the world.

There are some fabulous locations within Europe that is solely aimed at the camping market. Let’s take a look at the top five.

7299820870_e78782c078_zWith thanks to Arup Malakar for the image

1.    Austria

Camping in Austria is a great way to explore this beautiful country. Rolling hills, lush forestation and blue skies make for the perfect getaway. What’s more, you can drive from the UK to Austria with relative ease. It may be cost-efficient to fly, but do be aware of the weight restrictions when you go. Austria is a great place to camp. With pretty lakes and an abundance of wildlife, it makes for an exciting journey into the great outdoors. Pretty and picturesque, what could be better than waking up in Austria?

2.    Belgium

Belgium is a firm favourite with many travellers. Camping in the Belgian countryside means you are only a short detour away from Brussels. This provides many with a heady contrast. The gorgeous countryside is not far away from the thriving city scene. You can combine your love of city and country within one foul swoop. Belgium is home to some of the most perfect riverside locations. Set up camp beside the river and explore the opportunities around you.

3.    Italy

Italy has an abundance of campsites within its area. The most popular place to camp within Italy is near Naples. With campsites in the Alps or Vineyards you certainly get a lot of choices. With these campsites, you have everything that you need on site. So, you don’t need to cart your diesel generators with you. The lush Italian countryside is only a short hop into the major cities. Rome and Pisa are only a short distance from the country. Use your campsite as a base to exploring this phenomenal historical country. With arts, history and amazing food in large quantities, you will be truly spoilt for choice.

4.    Jersey

Jersey appears to be a forgotten gem with many. But, this delightful mix of Anglo-French is the perfect place to holiday. Camping in Jersey is wildly popular. With many dedicated campsites littering the country, you are spoilt for choice. This small island is made up of gorgeous beaches for you to explore.  The charming countryside is ideal for hiking and pony-trekking. But, the beaches are divine, and an absolute must if you don’t want to do anything at all.

5.    Slovenia

With Lake Bled and the Alpine landscape, what is not to love about Slovenia? With a heavy German influence, it’s a great place to visit. There is a wealth of historical places of interest. The climate is moderate and warm, especially during the summer. Plus, you can hit the beach while you’re there too.

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