How To Plan Your Vacation Trip Using Your Mobile Device

Planning a travel trip could be a head ache as there are many things to consider before you travel from place to place. Worry less, as you can now create a perfect travel plan for your next adventure using only your mobile device. But first, you might be asking why only mobile device? The simplest answer to that question is, because it is so handy you can bring it anywhere you go. No need to bring book travel guides, maps, etc. your mobile device is your perfect travel buddy.

This guide is categorized into 4 essential phases each of these category have and equivalent apps that will help you manage your trip in advance.

Phase 1:  Choosing your desired location

If you are still unsure of the places you want to visit, I suggest downloading TripAdvisor app which will help you decide which places are great to visit. TripAdvisor help you find the lowest airfare, best hotels, restaurants, prices based on other traveler’s reviews and opinion.  Next thing is to make sure you’ll never get lost in the place; prior to your travel use Waze Social GPS Map to track your future route destination and save it for offline viewing.

Phase 2: Choosing when to travel

Before traveling to a place make sure the weather condition is good. AccuWeather app lets you stay connected with the latest weather forecast. It is also best to check out the current and future events of a city you wanted to visit. Nearify app helps you discover upcoming local and current nearby events, use this app to fully maximize and enjoy your trip.

Phase 3: Budgeting

As a traveler you want to make sure that you have enough money to spend while on vacation, that is why it is important to budget your expenses prior to your trip to make sure you won’t over spend or be short on money. Travel Expense app helps you record all your expenses by importing your credit card this app automatically creates a receipt of all your purchases from fare, food, hotels and other miscellaneous.  For instance, you are planning to visit France to play casino estimate a budget and input in on the app, this will then serve as expenses guide. If you want to play casino Visitez Vegas Casino Francais for more information.

Phase 4: Finalizing and Organizing

Last and the most important part, after you decide which places you want to visit list down each of these places using Evernote this app will remind you the places you wanted to visit and those you have been visited already.

Your trip should look like this in the image below:

So in summary, here are the mobile applications what will help you plan your next perfect adventure trip.

  1. TripAdvisor – Finding great travel destination
  2. Waze – Real time GPS map
  3. AccuWeather – Real time weather forecast
  4. Nearify – Event discovery
  5. Budget Manager – Travel expense manager
  6. Evernote – Travel reminder

Once you are done planning your next adventure trip, make sure not to lose your mobile device when you travel or else your whole trip can be ruined and keep in mind that safety is the first priority. Enjoy your future travel with these tips!

How to have a luxury night out in London

How to have a luxury night out in LondonIf you are looking to have a luxury night out in London, there are plenty of options out there to keep you entertained. This article lists our top 5 things to do in London in the evening, we hope you enjoy!

Visit the Ice Bar

Start your night with a delicious cocktail, served in a glass made solely from ice. No matter what the occasion, this bar is sure to impress you and your friends. The glasses aren’t the only things made from ice as the tables, chairs and bar is made from it too! Try the specially designed menu of cocktails, like the Antidote or Crumble, which are a taste sensation. You will be given a designer cloak and gloves to keep you warm whilst you’re there which means you can enjoy the icy surroundings without getting chilly.

Go out for a bite to eat

There are lots of restaurants in the capital to choose from so there’s always somewhere to go when you get peckish! The Arabica Bar & Kitchen has a great range of tasty meals including spiced popcorn, falafel and haloumi cheese. If you still have room when you finish your main course, they also serve a choice on delicious deserts like chocolate pot, ice cream and sorbets. A perfect way to treat yourself to some of the best cuisine that London, and perhaps the whole country, has to offer!

Try your hand at cocktail making

If you are looking for something a bit different to do on your luxury night out, cocktail classes are a great option. Places like Harvey Nichols and The London Cocktail Club hold these types of nights; all you need to do is book places for you and your friends! You’ll get to learn how to make a tasty cocktail with a bar tender on hand to help you every step of the way. This type of evening is guaranteed to impress your friends!

Watch a show at the theatre

London is known for is West End shows which means that if you haven’t seen one before, you really are missing out! There are over 200 professional theatres in the capital, which brings in hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Shows that are scheduled for before the year is out include Cats, The Lion King and Mama Mia! If you’re looking for discounted tickets, head over to, where you can get the latest offers, including dining deals.

Go clubbing

If you want to go out for a boogie after your meal or drinks, then you can head on to a club and experience the capital’s best nightlife. The Penthouse is the best place to go if you wanted to be treated like VIP and this club also attracts a lot of celebrity appearances, so you may get the chance to meet your favourite singer or actor. These types of bars are open until very late, which means that you can party until the early hours of the morning if you want!

Snowed-in during your trip? Keep Yourself Entertained with these Fun Activities!

I was travelling in the US a few years ago, enjoying the chilly winter weather when it happened: the anchorman told us all that a blizzard was on the way and it was dangerous to go out. Inevitably, I was stuck in the hotel for the next few days with little to do. Thankfully, we were warm and smug underneath the blankets and the heating, but for a tourist, being stuck in a hotel room for days at a time can be heavy on the soul. So the hubby and I set out to make our next few days enjoyable by finding activities to spend our time, instead of feeling down over the slowly passing hours.


These are some activities that can keep you entertained, just like us!

Catch up on TV & Movies

Let’s face it – if you’re avid travelers like us, you have no idea what’s been going on in the entertainment industry for the duration of your trip. We had been travelling for over 8 months and took advantage of the ample time to catch-up on new episodes of our favorite TV shows. Luckily, the hotel gave guests free access to all shows and movies, so we could watch whatever we wanted!

Play games online

My husband and I are both huge gambling fans… our stop in Vegas was over a month long because we couldn’t get enough. So we figured: why not try playing some gambling games online? It was as exhilarating as playing them live and in person! Plus, there was the added bonus of cuddling in bed while we played on our ipad. If you’re also a fan of casino games, you can easily find a list of the Top 10 Casinos Online and work through there. Find the games that call to you and bring on the adrenaline!


Organize your photo albums

Between the necessary updates and pictures for friends and family who are waiting to hear about your adventures, to even going through the pictures yourself, organizing your photo album is a great way to be productive during your travel ‘break’. The downtime gives you the chance to upload your pictures security to the cloud or your computer, publish them online, or make your Facebook albums for all to see.

Get to know the other guests

Everyone has a story to tell and when you’re all snowed in for a few days, there’s nothing quite like hearing them. I was enchanted to hear the romantic story of how a couple met, about the innovative business ventures of a Nigerian man in town for business, and I also got to play an impromptu hopscotch with a few sweet kids. When everyone is snowed in, people often go to the lobby or the restaurant/cafeteria to stretch their legs. Meeting the staff and guests is an unforgettable experience!

Play charades or Pictionary

As pre-internet kids, we used to love playing games like charades or Pictionary. This time, we grabbed the married couple we met in the lobby and asked them to join us in a game of Pictionary. It was so much fun that we actually forgot that we were all stuck inside the hotel! Plus, we built an amazing friendship… we’re still in touch today!

Being snowed-in doesn’t have to be a negative experience in your trip – it is what you make of it. Take advantage of your time to rest (we all get tired during our travels), enjoy the quality time with your friends or family, and make sure to come up with ways to spend the time positively!

The Ins and Outs of Phuket Patong

The Ins and Outs of Phuket PatongPlanning your next trip to uket PatongPh? That’s great! Besides the beach, sea and sun, there are many other entertaining activities you’ll definitely want to do. Let’s start by taking a look at getting around in Patong, where to stay and some of the highlights in this article.

Getting Around

Patong itself could be entirely explored on foot. Nevertheless you’ll find plenty of taxis and motorbikes ready to help you get around. Be prepared to pay a somewhat overpriced charge for the rides due the unregulated rates. There are two types of taxis, those that are more like open trucks (songthaew-style minivans) and sedan-style air-conditioned taxis with a big sign on the roof, ‘Taxi Meter’.

The minivans have no meter so you’ll find that the rates range quite a lot. Always try to negotiate for a lower price or check if you’re comfortable to pay the fees before hopping on. Finally, for short distances, the motorbike taxis are recommended. You basically hop on behind the driver and let him know where you want to go. The rate is usually 40 Baht and doesn’t tend to exceed 100 Baht per ride depending on distance.

Where to Stay

Phuket Patong has no lack of accommodation for travelers. There are a few types of stays in the area ranging from 5-star international hotels with top-notch facilities and services such as Grand Mercure Phuket Patong to apartments and individually owned boutique hotels.

The price range of mini-size accommodation to premium stay could range from as low as $15 USD a night to $1,000 USD a night. When selecting your accommodation, first take a look at Patong’s map and identify where you’d like to be first: Patong Beach Road, Beach Road South, Rat-U-Thit Road, Nanai Road, Bangla Road, Sai Kor Road or Soi Kepsup.

Highlights besides the Beach

Rollerball Zorbing. Ever wanted to test your physic? How about rolling in a big plastic ball down a hill filled with 40 liters of water? Rollerball Zorbing is an activity for the whole family from 6 years old to 60, you’ll find this quirky and exciting ride lots of fun. Rollerball is only 2 minutes right from Patong Beach at Kalim Bay.

Omescape – The Chamber of Secret. Omescape features live escape games where participants have to find their way out in no more than an hour or so. At the moment, there are three games with different themes you could choose from as follows: the Mermaid of Songkla, the Temple of Genesha and the King Naresuan’s Tomb. Omescape is a well-known escape game provider across the world having branches in China and US as well. There are lockers, storage and bathroom facilities available for those who might need a change of clothing.

Muay Thai. Ever wanted to have a go at Thai boxing (Muay Thai)? Head over to the Maximum Fitness and Combat Center. The complete facility offers not only Muay Thai facilities and trainers but Yoga, Fitness as well as a large Sauna. The center is located just behind the Junceylon shopping center.

Danze Fantasy Theatre. The Danze Fantasy Theatre hosts some of the best international shows in Phuket such as Genesis – The Magic Spectacular with a cast of 20 international performers. For some sit-down moments and relaxing entertainment, Danze Fantasy Theatre is recommended.

As small as Patong may seem, you’ll quickly discover that it takes more than just one week to explore the entire area and to have a go at the vast option of available activities.

7 Authentic Dishes You Should Definitely Try In Holland

Although it is fair to say that Dutch cuisine is not as internationally renowned as the food from other European countries such as Spain, France and Italy; that does not mean you should not try some local food when holidaying in Holland.  As you will see in the following article, there are some very delicious authentic Dutch dishes and delicacies that you should try at least once.


While it is very popular here in the UK, liquorice actually originates from the Netherlands.  People do tend to either love it or hate it.  If you one of the people that loves it, there is much to get excited about while in Holland.  Liquorice comes in 4 different drop types – hard salt, hard sweet, soft salt and soft sweet.  It also comes in a variety of different flavours including coconut fondant (often referred to as English liquorice), laurel, salammoniac, mint and honey.


Bitterballen are essentially the Dutch version of meatballs.  Meat formed into circles and covered in breadcrumbs and normally served with mustard.  They can be found just about anywhere, from restaurants to snack bars and even at parties and formal events.

Boerenkool Served With Sausage

Boerenkool is one of Holland’s most popular and oldest dishes and is a tasty combination of curly kale and potatoes served with mustard, gravy and some lovely rookworst sausage.  As boerenkool is very high in carbs, it is particularly popular during the winter time.


As you probably know, the people of Holland love cheese.  Cheese and other dairy products are one of the things that Dutch people are most famous for, besides the red light district and their liberal views of cannabis use.  Most Dutch cheese is either semi-hard or hard, but there is a lot to choose from.  There are plenty of neutral cheeses, but if you are feeling a little more adventurous you should try one blended with spices or herbs.  Nagelkaas for instance, is very popular, and has cloves blended into it.


It’s not just savoury dishes that Dutch people excel at, take stroopwafel for instance.  This is a syrupy/caramel waffle which consists of a wafer-thin waffle made in a pizelle pan.  When it is ready to eat, it is sliced horizontally and then the light syrupy caramel sauce is drizzled over one half with the other placed on top like a sandwich.


Vlaii is a tart or pie from Limburg that features a pastry and filling.  They normally have a diameter of 27 to 30 centimetres and are available with a variety of different fillings including plums, strawberries, apricot and cherries.  Although they are often eaten at funerals, birthdays and other life events; you should try and make the effort to try one while you are there on holiday.

Raw Herring and Onions

This might not be to everyone’s taste but, if you are looking for a new culinary experience, Hollandse Nieuwe, or raw herring is something you should try.  It is normally served alongside chopping gherkins and raw onions.  The most intriguing thing is how Dutch people eat it though.  They lift the fish high in the air by the tail and then bite upwards.  If you are too self-conscious for that, raw herring is also available served soft white bread buns.

If you like the idea of visiting Holland, and want some more inspiration on what to do while you’re their, head over to the Travel Trout blog because they have plenty of ideas on what you can do while you’re visiting this area!

Travel doctor: celebrating a 60th in Iran

Travel doctor celebrating a 60th in IranBefore we get into the detail of the article, I really want to thank the team here for letting me post here with them.  It means a lot to be able to get something published for my Welsh View Travel Blog at great site like this.

Q Could you recommend a company that could help us to organise an Iranian holiday to celebrate my husband’s 60th birthday in June? 
Jennie Burnett, via e-mail


The Foreign Office revised and downgraded its travel advice on Iran in July, but it still advises against all but essential travel to most areas, warning: “British travellers to Iran face greater risks than nationals of many other countries due to high levels of suspicion about the UK and the UK Government’s limited ability to assist in any difficulty. So you will have trouble finding a UK tour operator to take you, but other countries have less stringent advisories and you could travel to Iran with Peregrine Adventures (0845 8639667, ), an Australian tour operator with a UK office. It has a 16-day Ancient Persia in Depth trip in May, which is a circular tour from Tehran taking in Hamadan, Shiraz and Yazd, one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world, and costs £2,305pp excluding flights and visas. Canadian company Elder Treks (0808 2341714, ), which specialises in adventure travel for the over-fifties, also has an Iran tour. It costs £3,930pp (excluding flights and visas) for 21 days and the itinerary includes the ancient city of Persepolis, the largest ziggurat (pyramid) in Mesopotamia at Choqa Zanbil and a stroll over the famous bridges of Isfahan. The tour departs in April and October, however, so may not fit in with the birthday plans. Travel insurance should be valid to Iran for UK travellers if the claim doesn’t have any relation to the reasons why the Foreign Office issued the travel advisory, but you should of course check with your insurer.

Q I suffer from winter depression due to low levels of sunlight, and am looking for a week’s holiday in mid to late November in a destination where light levels would be equivalent to March or April in the UK. Our budget is about £300 each and it would be good if we didn’t have to fly for too long.
Name and address supplied, via e-mail

A If you’re looking for pleasant, sunny weather you don’t have to travel far: a week in Lisbon or the neighbouring resort of Cascais, with average temperatures of up to 17C in mid-November, should do the trick. has seven nights’ B&B at the pretty boutique hotel The Charm of Cascais for £469 for a double room, while easyJet flights start at about £75 in mid-November. For guaranteed sunshine, the Canaries would be the safest bet. Lowcostholidays (08444 770078, ) offers a week’s B&B in a studio apartment at the Los Zocos Club Resort in Costa Teguise, Thomson flights and transfers for £304pp. For a top-up during the winter you could also consider a trip to the spa at Lucknam Park Hotel (01225 740570, ) near Bath for its Haslauer Reflective Sun Light Therapy, which costs £30 for 40 minutes. It promises to replicate the change of light from sunrise to sunset and create the feeling of a warm summer’s day while you relax on a lounger.

Q We are spending Christmas in Prague staying at Le Palais Hotel. Could you recommend somewhere to enjoy a celebration meal and should we book in advance?
John Lawcock, via e-mail

Carp is the traditional dish for a Czech Christmas Eve dinner, which is the main festive meal – Christmas Day is more like our Boxing Day. Try the Alcron in the Radisson Blu hotel ( ), which has a Michelin star and gets rave reviews as the best fish restaurant in Prague. You should certainly book in advance.


This post was contributed by the Money Saving and Investment Blog who is a regular poster both here on their own blog.  You can catch them on twitter, facebook or even their very popular youtube channel.

A tour around Lisbon

A tour around LisbonThe city of Lisbon is located on the coast of the Atlantic Coast, in Portugal. The river Tagus flows across this city, which has many historical landmarks and traditional pastry shops that are worth a visit.

Walk around the historical city center

Lisbon is a city that can be explored on foot and by tram, an historical way of transportation. There are many ancient landmarks and monuments in the centric Alfama district, including several museums and palaces. The Jeronimos Monastery is the resting place of explorer Vasco da Gama. Take a tour around this church and its cloisters, decorated with antiques and pieces of art.

The Belem Tower is one of the city’s most famous symbols. This tower is located on the banks of the Tagus river. The tower, built in a Manueline style, has several carved motifs and many sculptures decorating the tower.

Sao Jorge Castle is the city’s most famous monument. Located on a hill overlooking the city, the castle was built by the Moors and later transformed into a fortress. Inside the millennial castle walls you will find several cannons and the Alcaçovas Palace, an ancient royal residence that was transformed into a restaurant. Two of the best Lisbon hotels are located inside the castle, one in a medieval mansion and the other one in what used to be the palace. Take a tour around the Archaeological Museum located on the castle grounds and the chambers where royal visits took place. If you are feeling daring, climb the towers and walk along the ramparts in order to enjoy scenic views of the city.

Visit the museums.

There are several museums in Lisbon. The Museum of Sacred Art is located next to the Sao Roque Church, one of the city’s most famous churches. Inside the museum visitors will find bronze and silver torch holders and a collection of baroque silver.

Another museum worth visiting is the Tile Museum. Here you will be able to see a variety of designs painted on ceramic tiles. These tiles can be found all around the city, covering benches, buildings facades and patios. Check out the Sintra National Palace, one of the city’s ancient buildings covered in decorative tiles. If you choose to buy reproductions of the tiled, head to the Loja dos Decobrimentos and and Fábrica Sant’anna, two shops that specialize in tiles.

Enjoy the Pasteis.

Lisbon is a city known for its food. The salted cod, a regional dish, can be found in most of the city’s restaurants. The Pasteis de Belém are one of the city’s main gastronomical attractions. These custard filled flaky pastries are made in an ancient monastery located near the Sao Jorge Castle. There are several other varieties of these pastries, including the ones powdered with cinnamon and sugar that can be found in most of the city’s pastry shops.

Explore the Parque das Naçoes.

The Parque das Naçoes is one of the city’s main parks. The park is located on the eastern banks of the waterfront. There are several shopping centers nearby. The Oceanarium is located in this area, a large aquarium where visitors will be able to see many types of fish. Visitors can walk around the water gardens and enjoy views from the viewing tower located near the coast.

5 Tips For A Holiday To Greece

5 Tips For A Holiday To GreeceGreece is an irresistible destination that appeals to everyone due to its ability to satisfy even the grumpiest of travelers. It enchants with its history, being the birthplace of civilization, its beaches are spectacular, night parties never end and its natural beauty is captivating. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy your holiday in Greece.


Greece like any part of the world is a victim of change in every season. It is blissful and relaxing in early and late season when you can expect lost of sunshine and almost empty beaches. As summer gives way to early autumn, the atmosphere is peaceful and less crowded. Spring is when Greece is at its scenic best. For lively Greece holidays with endless night parties, the months of July or August are ideal. Resorts are quieter in June and September.

The season which you choose to travel affects your holidays in many ways, for example if you travel during off seasons; you get to bag huge discounts on air fare and accommodation. If you plan an activity holiday to Greece, you had better avoid the hot summer months. Decide when to go to Greece depending on your budget and type of holiday.


Greece is a popular destination and you should expect crowds everywhere. Get passes, air tickets and train tickets early to avoid disappointments of finding that all tickets are sold out just when you arrive. This is true especially if you travel during the months of July and August. Make use of online booking especially for trains and ferries and in advance, some of the routes are sold out weeks in advance especially if there is a speed ferry available.


Greece may not be as fashion conscious as the French or the Italians, but walking in flip-flops in Athens is ridiculous. Though fashion changes with season it is advisable to dress appropriately to avoid looking like a tourist who does not blend in the crowd. Keep in mind that if you are visiting churches or monasteries, you should have shoulders and knees covered, so if you like spaghetti strap dresses, throw a sarong or T-shirt on your shoulders.


Though most Greeks can express themselves in English, learning a few phrases in Greek is advisable in order to communicate and melt the Greek reserve. It helps in getting directions, ordering meals in taverns and appreciating services.


Most of the popular touristic destinations in Greek were once off the beaten path sometime ago, so discover your very own special place and make it famous! Greece is littered with ruins, secluded coves, little uninhabited isles and quiet ancient villages that have not yet made it in the tourist literature. You might actually be surprised at your own findings; you could discover treasures in the empty islands where nobody seems to care to visit. Seek out the hidden gems before anyone else discovers them.