Myths about engagement rings


These myths have been doing the rounds for years, and generally have been accepted as true for a very long time. But if you look at each one individually, you will realise that they are faintly ridiculous. If you are in the market for receiving an engagement ring, show the person who is going to present you with one this article. It may just save the day (especially myth number one).

The first myth concerns the element of surprise. In the movies it is often the case that the guy turns up with an engagement ring out of the blue and the woman swoons, and falls into his arms. It’s the stuff of dreams and it is all because the lady was surprised. But this is a bit of  a myth. Ask any girl and she will say that the one thing she doesn’t want her man to do is surprise her with an engagement ring. It makes a lot more sense to be able to contribute to the whole process and choose one with your partner. Trust us, if anyone suggests that a surprise would have been better, they really don’t know what they are talking about.

The second myth we are going to look at is the idea that a man needs to save up for 3 months worth of salary in order to buy the ring. Sometimes it’s 2 months. It doesn’t matter. The end result is that engagement rings in Houston are quite affordable actually, and as long as you get a ring that has some meaning behind it, you can’t really go wrong. You’re looking for a ring that has emotion and timing attached to it as well as a price tag. It doesn’t need to cost £10,000 for that to happen, surely?

Another myth concerns size. Believe it or not, a ring doesn’t have to be huge for it to have an impact on the lady. There are so many variations on engagement rings in the area of cut and clarity, as well as colour, that size doesn’t really come into it. By all means, have a larger ring, but just remember that a ring has a lot more to it than the size of it. Most women would happily have any size of ring as long as it has enough emotional weight behind it. So size isn’t really a big deal.

Finally, round diamonds have long been seen as the classic shape that women like. While this may be true for many women, a round shape for a ring can often be more expensive simply because of the work that has gone into it. It needs a lot more work to maintain a quality colour for example. If you want to try and look at other shapes, you may be pleasantly surprised. And the round shape is certainly not the be all and end all.

So there are some common myths about engagement rings. Take them into account, and it should help the purchase go more smoothly.

The Supernatural Beauty of The Giant’s Causeway


The Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland is as intriguing as it is legendary and is amicably considered by the Irish as the 8th Wonder of the World. This fact cannot be disputed as the exquisitely beautiful rock formations are jam-packed with Irish folklore and mythology. Strangers to the area are easily swallowed by the sense of mystery and magic and cannot help being filled with the anticipation of a globetrotting adventurer when entering the mystical realm.

Situated on the rugged Northeast coast on the tip of the Antrim plateau, the unusual causeway is made up of thousands of interlinking basalt columns that have sprung up from the ocean and then systematically made their way down into the chilly blue ocean. The sheer scale of this wonderful sight has conquered many hearts and re-affirmed old beliefs in Irish myths, legends and superstition.

One of the more famous versions on how the rocks were crafted is the tale of the legendary Irish giant Finn McCool. Finn wanted easier access to his Scottish sweetheart across the water and built the entire causeway himself. This sounds viable as even today you will find males going to extraordinary lengths to win over their maiden.

Other interesting tales and folklore of Gaelic mythology include Finn McCool fighting and defeating Scottish giants on the causeway through either brutal strength or sheer wit. Lovers of folklore will be enthralled by the tales that have derived from the site. The ambience also heavily influences the general mood of the listeners.

At the end of the day one has to contend with the scientific facts that the rocks were formed thousands of years ago through heavy volcanic activity. The specific hexagonal shapes were determined by the rapid cooling effect on the lava once it squeezed through existing openings. Weathering and erosion are the other major influences on the distinct rock formation; particularly the circular tops which the locals affectionately call ‘giant eyes’.

The site has been declared a National Nature Reserve and has been listed as a World Heritage site; the only one in Northern Ireland. It is also officially one of the most significant Natural Wonders of the United Kingdom. It first drew considerable attention way back in the mid eighteenth century when watercolour paintings of the causeway won a major art competition.

Significant tourist attraction only started in the 1960’s after the National Trust made visits more viable. Visitors can easily stroll for about half a mile on the tops of the closely compacted columns. The slope down to the sea is gentle enough in some areas even for the elderly. This allows anyone to explore and soak in the wonderful surrounds and the expedition is also highly recommended as an ideal family outing. It is now the most visited place in Ireland and frequented by tourists from around the planet. A coastal sightseeing tour to the Giant’s Causeway is available from Allen’s Tours and is by far the most informative from Belfast.

Besides the breath taking display of the rock formations there are other truly amazing features and interesting historical facts about this incredible site. A hydro-electric tram was first built and used between Portrush and the causeway as early as 1883. This is a first for Europe and definitely an impressive feat at the time.

Another factor that makes this area absolutely fascinating is the natural fauna and flora. Botanists and plant lovers will find themselves in heaven when exploring the columns as the diversity of wildlife will not disappoint. Scots Lovage, Oysterplant and Devil’s Bit Scabios are but a few of the flora growing in the harsh conditions.

The sought after and very rare species such as the Vernal Squill and Frog Orchid could be a bit harder to find but is worth the effort. Bird varieties such as Oystercatchers, Wheatear and Guillemots frequent the area during the warmer summer season. Sea animals, butterflies and other insects are also abound during this time.

In 1986, when the causeway was declared a National Heritage Site by Unesco, a modern Visitor’s Centre was erected to keep in line with the new status and as a public information bureau. After a fire gutted the centre in the year 2000, another one was built in 2012. Needless to say that the new establishment has all the modern facilities and technicalities plus a superb design that will make any visitor feel right at home.

The Beauty of Pattaya Beaches


Thailand is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Southeast Asia, and perhaps even the world. Pattaya, one of Thailand’s more famous beach destinations for tourists, is a great vacation spot for many. If you are looking for plenty of sun rays, unspoiled surf, and a great time, here are some popular beaches in Pattaya that you may want to check out.

Naklua Beach

Naklua Beach was once a fishing community. Interestingly, the name “Naklua” actually translates to “salt fields” because salt farming was the primary source of revenue for locals before the tourists arrived. There still is a small fishing community that provides freshly caught seafood and other fresh produce that serves the people and the restaurants in the area. Naklua Beach is a good place to visit if you want something more laid back and relaxing.

Pattaya Beach

Pattaya Beach is quite large; the beach spans across four kilometers along a cresent-shaped coastline. Pattaya Beach serves as an ideal place to participate in a multitude of water sports, such as parasailing, windsurfing, snorkeling, swimming, diving to jetskiing. If you want something that On top of that, there are art galleries, including the famous Art in Paradise museum specializing in 3D art and optical illusions. If you are into more scenic areas, there is also the Pattaya Viewpoint and Pattaya Sign, where you can get an excellent view down the coastline from a higher vantage point.

In the northern section, you can also find plenty of lodgings, shopping locations, and restaurants. On the 2nd Pattaya Road, you can catch cabaret shows and check out the Central Festival Department Store and even great beachfront accommodations, such as the Holiday Inn Pattaya.

Jomtien Beach

This area was once a large, sprawling paddy field, but ingenuity and modern landscaping has turned it into a thriving beach. Being only 3 kilometers away from Pattaya Beach, Jomtien Beach is highly recommended to those who seek solace in more tranquil resorts.

Also to being an excellent place for relaxation with modern comforts and accommodation, it’s 6-kilomter long coastline is lined with palm trees and provides tourists an enjoyable environment for relaxation and respite from the bustle. The waters are calm enough so that it is suitable to swim in, even for kids with proper supervision, and play all kinds of water sports as well.

Dongtan Beach

Right by Jomtien, this placid beach is in a serene area surrounded by sugar palm trees. Dongtan Beach is another especially good for beach those who desire peace and quiet. There are a plenty of high sugar palm trees along the beach (and other types of indigenous palms), so it is suitable for those who would like to picnic there. This area has fewer visitors, but there are still plenty of great restaurants, small curiosity shops, and public facilities available. Additionally, you can learn how to sail if you are interested.

In conclusion whether you just want to walk through the beautiful walkways and enjoy the outdoors or you wish to bask in the glory of the beaches, Pattaya is a great place to come and visit if you are in the mood for a vacation spot with great beaches.

The Grand Palladium Palace Ibiza Resort & Spa: A Gem in Paradise!


If like me, you have very particular wants and needs from a holiday, you should consider Ibiza, before I did any reading up on The Palladium Palace
Ibiza Resort & Spa, I thought the things you probably do when you think of a holiday in Ibiza. That it is an island made only for parties. However, I have discovered that not all holidays on the island have to be party-centred. That is just one half of the island, and it is actually possible to have a tranquil, serene and very relaxed holiday on Ibiza.

If you chose to stay at the Grand Palladium Palace Ibiza Resort & Spa for instance, you would see the other side of Ibiza life. It is slap bang in the middle of the much loved Playa d’-en Bossa with sandy white beaches and beautifully clear blue waters surrounding it.

The resort and spa do not look out of place though, even if they are up to the same standard you’d expect from modern hotels and accommodation. The structure exterior and interior design actually complement the natural beauty of its surroundings.

I prefer hotels that have fewer rooms and more space so that it never feels cramped and that is the feeling I got when reading about the Grand Palladium Palace. There are only 411 and these are all spacious and not in the least bit stuffy or claustrophobic.

The food onsite sounds amazing and it is sounds as if it is a good idea to try the different restaurants and cuisines offered and if like me, you like to keep fit and enjoy a healthy appetite; the onsite gym and spa look great.

There are high expectations of The Grand Palladium Palace, thanks in part to its name and the Palladium Group, but it sounds as if those expectations would be met and exceeded. From what I have heard, the members of staff are the real stars of the resort and make the place well worth a visit. You are treated with great manners and not one time do they make you feel like you are putting them out when asking for something. Which is what you really want from hotel staff, isn’t it?

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Ushuaia Beach Hotel Outdoes the Competition with Its World Class DJ Residencies

Ibiza may well be party island, but as previewed by the video, but there is one place that you should visit for the best and most exclusive DJ residencies – Ushuaia Beach Hotel.

The Best of Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel 2013 from Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel on Vimeo.

2014 will be a landmark year with not one world class superstar DJ but two having special daytime residences at the hotel, Hardwell and Armin Van Bauuren.

From the 26th of June and each Thursday throughout the summer, Armin Van Bauuren’s brings his truly unique and interactive A State Of Trance, where music industry names, VIPs and the world’s partygoers will gather in the poolside area and at the hotel’s famous open-air stage, to hear the summer’s biggest and best party anthems.
A State Of Trance is actually the name of the DJ’s radio show which has been broadcasting for the last 12 years, and is the one show that all trance fans listen to for all the classic, current and future dance hits. However, the most exciting thing about the 2014 season is that his Ushuaia residency actually doubles up as a summer version of Van Bauuren’s current A State Of Trance 650 – New Horizons World Tour and is something, as a trance fan, I am going to do my best not to miss.

In Ibiza last year at the 2013 DJ Awards, Hardwell was named as Best Electro House DJ and fans of his music and his live shows will tell you that he definitely deserves that title. For the first time ever in 2014 though, the Dutch DJ begins his first ever exclusive residency at the hotel, with the I Am Hardwell show from Tuesday 24th of June and every Tuesday after that throughout the summer. I had the pleasure of experiencing Hardwell’s amazing show during his tour and can safely say that it was one of the most visionary and spectacularly produced shows I have ever seen.

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