Australian Sports That Are Guaranteed To Leave You Breathless

Booking an Australian holiday could be the best thing you ever do. While flight times might be a little daunting from the UK or European countries, you’re certain to have a fantastic time. It’s often planning activities that people struggle with most. For that reason, we have chosen to release a post this morning that highlights some of the best Australian sports that are guaranteed to leave you breathless. While you will want to engage in a spot of sightseeing, it’s the activities you’ll find most-enjoyable. With that in mind, we ask that you read through all our suggestions before arranging your schedule.

There are lots of guides online that tell you about the best cities to visit, but very few of them discuss the wide range of sporting endeavours on offer. Considering that, you should try at least one of the activities listed below. We guarantee you will love them. If nothing else, doing so will help to create memories that last for a lifetime.


As Australia is a huge island, you’ll find impressive coastlines around most of the locations you might visit. Canoeing is big in this country for that reason. Even so, you could book an experience on one of the many rivers and waterways too. This sport is perfect for working on your upper body strength, and it is more than suitable for children. Just search online to find a good water sports insurance provider before you leave home. The last thing you want is to clear your bank account out to pay for medical bills during your trip.

Rock climbing

If you decide to travel inland, you’ll find lots of cool activities to suit any taste. Rock climbing is incredibly popular in the outback. To get there, you’ll have to arrange a guided tour or hire a car. That said, there are probably a few places you can do this by the coast too. Again, rock climbing is ideal for working on your upper body strength, and it could result in you seeing the country from a completely new perspective. Just make sure you wear all the necessary safety equipment and listen to your instructors.


While Americans are quite big on surfing, it is Australian residents who started the sport many years ago. There are some fantastic waves around the coast of Australia, and so riding them can be exceptionally thrilling. Of course, you’re going to need the help of professionals if you’ve never been involved with this sport in the past. Still, you should be at a suitable level within a couple of hours with an instructor. Once you reach that point, you can go out on the waves without their assistance. If you’re not a strong swimmer, this probably isn’t for you.

We sincerely wish you all the best on your trip to Australia and hope you make it back home in one piece. While some people think engaging in sports abroad is a bad idea, so long as you’re careful, everything will be fine.

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