Ajman: The Hidden Gem of the Middle East

Ajman The Hidden Gem of the Middle EastWhen people talk about holidaying in the Middle East, it’s inevitable that names like Abu Dhabi and Dubai get mentioned. Sprawling man-made metropolises that epitomize luxury. At just 100 square miles, Ajman is the smallest of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates, but its small size gives it a unique charm that’s not always visible in its neighbours. We’ll take you through just a few things you could do in this hidden gem of the Middle East.

Walk along Incredible Natural Beache

The UAE is fast becoming known for its white sands and palm trees, and Ajman is arguably its most picturesque spot. Stretching ten miles, the Amman beach benefits from Ajman’s obscurity as its uncrowded sands make it the ideal locale for a relaxing break. Over the years, the government has recognised the potential of its natural beauty and has made considerable efforts to develop its sea-side infrastructure for tourists. Water sports like jet skiing, skurfing, and fishing are readily available and Ajman’s crystal blue waters make it perfect for snorkelling. You can even see dolphins off the coast with dolphin spotting a popular recreation amongst both the visitors and the locals.

Ride Horses through the Middle East

Equestrianism is a big part of the UAE’s culture and there’s no better way of exploring this emirate’s incredible landscape than renting a horse from the Ajman Stud. They pride themselves on the most beautiful Arabian horses and whether you’re riding through the dunes or just trotting along the beach, it’s bound to be a highlight of your trip.

Visit Its Famous Museum and Cultural Center

With evidence of settlers dating back over five thousand years ago, The National Museum of Ajam is a must visit for anyone interested in history. These priceless artefacts are housed in a former ruler’s home and later a fortress built in the late 18th century.

There is also the Al Jarah Cultural Center showcasing even more history of the region. As the UAE continues to move forward in becoming a cultural power of the 21st century, it’s this desire in preserving its past for future generations that give Ajman its unique authenticity.

The Middle East has become more affordable to visitors and travel agents like The Holiday Place are placing particular emphasis on the region. Tourist numbers more than doubled between 2000 and 2010 so the chance to experience a part of the region where its original beauty is still the main focus might not stay around for too much longer.


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