A Guide To England’s Beautiful Countryside

When it comes to a relaxing break, nothing beats England’s beautiful countryside. The picturesque hills, the charming villages and stunning scenery are the thing of dreams. You can get lost in the magical surroundings and breath in the clean air. The peace and quiet is all you need to help you forget the stress and strains of working life. Just two days out in the countryside and you’ll immediately feel better.

The best thing about England’s countryside is the huge range on offer. Whatever sort of person you are, you’ll find something for you in the rolling green hills. For the walkers, the countryside offers endless routes and pathways. For the more extreme, you can find rock climbing and mountain treks. For those who prefer to take it easy, England’s pubs and tea rooms are renowned the world over.

That stereotypical, idyllic English vision is alive and well. It won’t take long to find your peace and quiet once you start looking. We’re here to help you out with a quick rundown of the best places that England has to offer. Whether you want to venture far into the unknown, or stay close to London, we’ve got you covered. First up, the beautiful counties of Devon and Cornwall.


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Devon and Cornwall are the perfect seaside counties. England has plenty of beautiful coastline but this south coast section is the very best. You’ll indulge in clotted cream teas, cornish ice cream and buttery scones. It whets my appetite just thinking about it! There is far more than just food on offer here though. Devon and Cornwall have the best coastal walks in the country. Some run along the cliffs, others wind down to the beach. For the thrill seekers, you’ll find the best waves to surf on the north shores of Cornwall.

The Lake District is perhaps England’s most famous area of beauty. The lakes and mountains provide a truly stunning backdrop to any visit. The lakes are renowned for their romantic allure. The lakes themselves are magnificent, it’s worth hiring a boat and just drifting away for a few hours. Cute villages and towns dot the countryside. Keswick and Kendal are particular highlights and worth a visit.

Cheshire is the place you think of when you imagine cute English villages and markets. The county is famous for its sheer number of stately homes and gardens. Stately homes are richly decorated and palatial in many cases. You can step back in time to the decadent and indulgent periods of old. Cheshire residents take pride in the gardens that surround these houses. They are beautifully kept and often follow a theme or tradition. You’ll find mazes, oriental gardens and traditional English features.

Essex is the place to go if you don’t want to stray too far from London. You could use a London car hire company and be in the Essex countryside within an hour or so. The scenery here is wonderful. When it comes to finding great walks and trails, Essex has it all. The county has the highest number of designated walking routes in the country. You’re bound to find one for you, each one leading to a quaint rural village.

Yorkshire has plenty of rich and diverse options for travellers. The North York Moors boast stunning views, rock outcrops and endless hiking options. You also have the historic city of York right on your doorstep. The winding, cobbled streets and medieval shops are really worth a visit. Take a walk along the ancient city walls or explore the castle and Minster. If you prefer a more cosmopolitan environment, Leeds is only a short train ride away too.

Hadrian’s Wall Country is truly magnificent. Stretching from Carlisle in the West right across to Newcastle in the East, the ancient wall is a wonder. The Roman built wall remains in tact at many points along the route. In some places, the wall has succumbed to ruin, but for the most part you can walk the full length. Dotting the walls are ancient forts, shrouded in history, battles and folklore. Occasionally you’ll come across wonderful tea shops and traditional pubs.

Shakespeare Country is a small area in the heart of England. Stratford-upon-Avon is the traditional centre and birthplace of Shakespeare himself. Walking around the city really gives you a sense of literature history. You can visit the house that Shakespeare grew up in. You can see the inspiration that led to the fine masterpieces he created. The original theatre still remains and you can really envelope yourself in the magic of Shakespeare.

Dorset is another small area steeped in literary history. It is the home of Thomas Hardy amongst others, and it makes the most of its rich heritage. In addition to that, the county has the highest number of conservation areas in the entire country. That makes it one of the most beautiful and serene places to visit. Be sure to pop into one the local markets to savour the famous chocolatiers and cider brewers. They are among the finest in England.

The Peak District is the destination for the hikers and explorers among us. Its rocky outcrops and mountainous peaks are a goldmine for adventurers. The scenery will leave you breathless as the misty, foggy mountains loom over you. Waterfalls crash through the villages and lakes sit quietly at the foot of the mountains. The Peak District is one of the most peaceful and serene places you’ll ever visit.

The New Forest is the final area on our list and only a short train journey from London. If you only have a short time in London, be sure to get out and see this cute landscape. The thatched cottages and the quaint village greens are picturesque. It really is England in a postcard. The New Forest is only a quick hop from the vibrant seaside town of Brighton, too. We can highly recommend a visit.

The English countryside is a true gem. Among the vibrant cities are beautiful, picturesque villages and scenery. The countryside is what makes England great. If it’s here on your doorstep, get outside and enjoy it. If you’re visiting England for the first time, put it right at the top of your list.


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