5 Tips For A Holiday To Greece

5 Tips For A Holiday To GreeceGreece is an irresistible destination that appeals to everyone due to its ability to satisfy even the grumpiest of travelers. It enchants with its history, being the birthplace of civilization, its beaches are spectacular, night parties never end and its natural beauty is captivating. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy your holiday in Greece.


Greece like any part of the world is a victim of change in every season. It is blissful and relaxing in early and late season when you can expect lost of sunshine and almost empty beaches. As summer gives way to early autumn, the atmosphere is peaceful and less crowded. Spring is when Greece is at its scenic best. For lively Greece holidays with endless night parties, the months of July or August are ideal. Resorts are quieter in June and September.

The season which you choose to travel affects your holidays in many ways, for example if you travel during off seasons; you get to bag huge discounts on air fare and accommodation. If you plan an activity holiday to Greece, you had better avoid the hot summer months. Decide when to go to Greece depending on your budget and type of holiday.


Greece is a popular destination and you should expect crowds everywhere. Get passes, air tickets and train tickets early to avoid disappointments of finding that all tickets are sold out just when you arrive. This is true especially if you travel during the months of July and August. Make use of online booking especially for trains and ferries and in advance, some of the routes are sold out weeks in advance especially if there is a speed ferry available.


Greece may not be as fashion conscious as the French or the Italians, but walking in flip-flops in Athens is ridiculous. Though fashion changes with season it is advisable to dress appropriately to avoid looking like a tourist who does not blend in the crowd. Keep in mind that if you are visiting churches or monasteries, you should have shoulders and knees covered, so if you like spaghetti strap dresses, throw a sarong or T-shirt on your shoulders.


Though most Greeks can express themselves in English, learning a few phrases in Greek is advisable in order to communicate and melt the Greek reserve. It helps in getting directions, ordering meals in taverns and appreciating services.


Most of the popular touristic destinations in Greek were once off the beaten path sometime ago, so discover your very own special place and make it famous! Greece is littered with ruins, secluded coves, little uninhabited isles and quiet ancient villages that have not yet made it in the tourist literature. You might actually be surprised at your own findings; you could discover treasures in the empty islands where nobody seems to care to visit. Seek out the hidden gems before anyone else discovers them.

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