5 Amazing Things To Do In Italy

Ahh, the sights and sounds of Bella Italia! This place of unrivalled beauty is a top travel hotspot and is included on many a bucket list. With the new year now firmly upon us, we can start thinking about ways to reach our travel aspirations and how we can plan the perfect trip to enrich our lives this year.


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There are so many genuinely amazing things to do in Italy that it can get a little overwhelming. When you take stock and think about things from an objective view, you can narrow them down to a few ‘must see’ essentials though. This is perfect if you are going on a shorter break or have specific travel goals in mind.

Depending on whether you are travelling as a family, a couple or as a solo traveller, there are various avenues to explore. You can begin to think about finding the cheapest flights and the best deals, before settling down to plan some top sightseeing adventures!

1 – Take a romantic moonlit night ride on a beautiful Venice gondola

There is nothing more romantic than taking a romantic gondola ride. Except, of course, taking a moonlit evening gondola ride! This is a magical way to see the city and experience a charming and romantic ride. It’s not just for couple’s though. If you are travelling alone then, you can still take a ride and enjoy the moment. Why not?

2 – Take a cycling tour around Italy

It is nice to do something different and Italy has beautiful scenery. You could start by searching for italian cycling holidays with the chaingang.co.uk as an interesting first step to your research. Take a look at all of your options and look into some of the top cycle routes to make the most of your journey. Breathe in the fresh Italian air and lose yourself in stunning mounting views and lush green scenery.

3 – Eat a genuine Italian pizza in a renowned restaurant or setting

We can all try our hand at making a genuine italian pizza. However, nothing quite lives up to being able to sample of of Italy’s top pizza’s in a romantic or renowned setting. Find a great restaurant, order a glass of red wine and take in the sights and sounds as you dine.

4 – See an Italian opera

You might never have seen an opera before. You may not even have any desire to. However, when it comes to visiting Italy, one thing that is really worth doing, is seeing an opera. There is a famous opera company in Verona where you can sit and enjoy the beautiful music in a stunning amphitheatre. This absolutely sums up the beautiful and versatile nature of this stunning travel destination.

In short, whatever you choose to do when you travel to Italy, just make the experience you own. You can spend a lifetime planning and preparing, but nothing beats actually getting out there and doing something about it. Expect the unexpected and jump in with both feet for a fun and rewarding adventure this year.

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