3 Exotic Sea Creatures You Can Spot in the Florida Keys



Millions of people flock to the Florida Keys every year, not only for some fun in the sun, but for the chance to spot some unusual wildlife. From bright pink birds to colorful fish, and everything in between, there is an abundance of wildlife to discover in the Florida Keys. Of course, scuba diving and snorkeling is a great way to observe sea life up close and personal, but you can also spot some animals from the comfort of land, or from a boat. Here are three exotic sea creatures you cans spot in the Florida keys.


The American alligators is always a site to behold. As soon as you spot the giant, your heart starts racing. Their prehistoric appearance and dangerous teeth instantly put everyone on high alert. An adult male alligator can grow to up to 15 feet long. Alligators are found in freshwater wetlands, like marshes and swamps, and fortunately, Florida has an abundance of wetlands. In fact, the alligator is the state’s official reptile.

A great way to spot an alligator, and a bunch of other wildlife, is on a boat tour of the Florida Everglades State Park. You’ll undoubtedly spot an ample amount of beautiful birds, reptiles, fish, and amphibians in between. The sights, sounds, and even the smell of the waters of Florida Bay and Everglades National Park make for a memory you’ll be sharing with friends and family for decades.

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Sea Turtle

Image via Flickr by Bernard Spragg

There’s something about the sea turtle that warms our hearts. Perhaps it’s their quiet unassuming nature, or just their sheer size, but spotting a sea turtle often makes even the most reserved person squeal in delight.

The most common sea turtle in Florida is the Loggerhead sea turtle. It has a giant block-like looking head that distinguishes it from other, rarer turtles. Loggerheads are one of the biggest sea turtles, weighing an average of 275 pounds, and often have a shell length of approximately 3 feet. The powerful jaws and sharp teeth of the Loggerhead allow it to easily crush shellfish, such as clams and crabs. It’s a pretty slow swimmer and fairly easy to spot from a boat.


If you used to watch Flipper on TV as a kid, you probably love dolphins as much as we do. The Florida Keys have an abundance of dolphins. Climb aboard one of the many Florida Keys dolphin tours and discover why dolphins are one of the most beloved of all the marine mammals. They are smart, sometimes elusive, and sometimes playful. Dolphins are happiest in the wild, and there are some eco dolphin tours which will take you out to their natural habitat where you can watch them eat, play, and just hang out around the boat.

If you love nature, and in particular wildlife, Florida is a must- see destination. From sea turtles, to whales, alligators, and dolphins, not to mention a plethora of beautiful birds, you’ll be thrilled.

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